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Measuring Outcomes – For Happier Patients

The most important aspect after bunion surgery recovery, is a happy patient. This is why Mr David Gordon, The Bunion Doctor, is meticulous in recording patient outcomes. Every patient is followed up carefully throughout their recovery and also many years later.

‘As a patient of mine, you will be asked during your first consultation and then from time to time afterwards, to complete an online foot health questionnaire. This is part of my commitment to constantly improve the care of patients with bunions. By participating in this important research, we can continue to strive for the best possible outcomes in all bunion surgery patients.’ Mr David Gordon, The Bunion Doctor.

Outcomes Specific to You and Your Feet

In collecting outcome data in partnership with his patients, Mr Gordon can analyse how his patients have progressed and so can predict accurately the outcomes of his future patients. The outcome advice is specific to the Keyhole bunion surgery performed by Mr Gordon and not any other surgeon or technique. Outcome advice can be tailored so it is specific to you. Surgeons who don’t collect outcome data are unable to give this specific surgeon or patient specific data nor tailor outcome advice for an individual accordingly.

Outcomes to that Lead World Class Research to Advance the Science of Keyhole Bunion Surgery

In collecting patient outcome data, Mr David Gordon has built up one of the largest keyhole bunion surgery databases in the world. This allows analysis of many aspects of bunion surgery care in order to identify where improvements can be made for patients. The anonymised data can be shared with the scientific community around the world to disseminate knowledge and improve Keyhole bunion surgery practices.

In 2021, Mr David Gordon, The Bunion Doctor, following rigorous peer review, had his personal series accepted and published in the prestigious Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (JBJS). This was his 2-year patient outcome results, of 292 minimally invasive bunion corrections, the largest series in the world of its kind.

The Bunion Doctor JBJS 2021 2yr Outcomes MICA

Mr Gordon’s Patients’ Results – 95 % Satisfaction with Keyhole Bunion Surgery

In analysing hundreds of patient outcomes, Mr Gordon can accurately state patients will have a 95 % ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ result with Keyhole Bunion Surgery performed by him.

Ongoing Outcome Research

As a patient of Mr Gordon, you may be contacted after your surgery to be asked questions about how you are doing. This may even happen 10 years after your surgery!