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Keyhole Bunion Surgery

Mr David Gordon explains the benefits of his bunion surgery

About Minimally Invasive (Keyhole) Bunion Surgery.

I carry out all bunion surgery using a minimally invasive, keyhole surgery technique. The benefits include minimal scarring, faster recovery and return to normal activities compared to traditional, open surgery.

During the procedure small incisions are made allowing access to the bones for reshaping, straightening and pinning without the need to extensively cut other tissues, muscle and skin. Traditional open surgery goes through all these layers to reach the bunion and the healing of the subsequent large wound causes stiffness and swelling, a hindrance in terms of pain and recovery.

The surgery is performed using specialised instruments, inserted through the small incisions, all under the guidance of an X-ray machine.

Patients can be awake or asleep during surgery which takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the bunion.

I have performed over 1100 keyhole bunion corrections and over 3000 Keyhole foot procedures.

For further information, you can visit our Blog, download our Bunion Patient Information Leaflet or attend our next Free Bunion Patient Information Webinar

Minimally Invasive Keyhole Bunion Surgery - The Bunion Doctor - UK's Leading Keyhole Bunion Expert

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From the very first consultation onwards I was completely confident in Mr Gordon’s ability and I knew I’d found the right surgeon for the job! Mr Gordon was confident that I’d have great results and he was right.

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Anaesthesia & Pain Relief

Benefit From A Personalised Approach To Your Bunions


The Bunion Specialist.

  • Mr David Gordon


    Your initial outpatient consultation will last 25 minutes. Your folllow up consultation will last 15 minutes.

    • The London Clinic - £250
    • Spire Harpenden or Spire Bushey Hospital - £250
    • Follow up consultation at The London Clinic - £190
    • Follow up consultation at Spire Harpenden or Spire Bushey Hospital - £190
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Minimally Invasive Surgery.

    These all inclusive prices, for a simple bunion correction, include standard care from operation to discharge at 6 months.

    The fees include surgery (Hospital, Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees), 4 follow up consultations with Mr Gordon, 1 set of x-rays at 6 weeks and 1 set of x-rays at 6 months.

    Prices below are for self funding patients only. Insurer cost are different. Your cover should be confirmed with your insurer before proceeding with any consultations or treatment, as you may be personally liable for additional charges.

    It excludes any consultations or investigations that may or may not be required prior to surgery being scheduled (eg initial and follow up consultations, ultra sound scan, CT scan MRI scan) and excludes additional investigations after surgery (which are rarely needed).

    More complex bunions requiring additional procedures at the time of the bunion surgery, may cost more.

    Package Prices From Day of Surgery to Discharge at 6 Months

    1 Bunion
    • Surgery at Spire Harpenden and Bushey Hospital – £7,535
    • Surgery at The London Clinic – £7,950
    Both Bunions (at the same time)
    • Surgery at Spire Harpenden and Bushey Hospital – £10,945
    • Surgery at The London Clinic – £9,540