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Patient Testimonials

‘I’m passionate about Keyhole Bunion Surgery outcomes. Nothing brings me more pleasure than hearing my patients’ success stories!’

Mr David Gordon, The Bunion Doctor.

Melanie – 2 Years After Her Keyhole / Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Sophie – 6 Months After Her Keyhole / Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Jessica – 6 weeks After Her Keyhole / Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

  • I had my first bunion operation in 2020 and was so pleased I decided to repeat the process for the other (lesser of the two) this year. Although this one wasn't as bad as the first, it was clearly growing and becoming more of a nuisance - rubbing against footwear and aching at the end of the day.

    I went to Spire Harpenden and the whole process was smooth and painless. The sedation was perfect. No need for general anaesthetic. I woke feeling refreshed after a lovely sleep and my foot was bandaged, in a support sandal, and ready to go. The hospital staff were excellent, the hospital welcoming and, in my view, David Gordon is an artist. After only two months, my foot is pretty much normal. Slight swelling at the end of the day, but I am back to yoga and long walks.

    I took the advised painkillers the first night just in case I woke in agony, but I really didn't need them and I never took anything after, not even paracetamol. There was some tingling in the toe for a few weeks, but I understand this is a good thing and it has gone now.

    If you are considering bunion surgery, I cannot recommend David and his team more highly. You have the advantage of being operated on personally by one of the most experienced surgeons in this field; the recovery time is minimal and the results fantastic.

    J T, June 2024

  • From personal experience, I know that deciding to have bunion surgery is a big decision, and having read and re-read many times patients testimonials, I would like to share my experience.

    I recently had bilateral bunion surgery, and also 2nd hammer-toe correction on the right foot with Mr Gordon at the Spire Harpenden Hospital.

    Firstly after reading on the internet all the daunting tales of pain and long recovery with the traditional bunion surgery I was extremely nervous, and didn’t need to be.

    With his confidence, reassurance and fabulous team, Mr Gordon made the whole experience as comfortable as I would have never dreamed.

    Unbelievable as it may sound, I can honestly say that I have not had any pain whatsoever, and the recovery has been easier than I expected.

    Follow the clear instructions that Mr Gordon provides and it will be a breeze.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend the minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery for anyone considering bunion surgery.

    I have every faith in Mr Gordon, and have no hesitation in recommending him and his wonderful team.

    M F, April 2024

  • The best foot doctor. I have perfectly straight toes, no pain and can walk miles. Fantastic.

    S R, February 2024

  • I suffered from bunions since my teenage years, and the pain escalated in my forties, limiting me to wearing trainers. Mr. Gordon provided reassurance and genuine care throughout the process. The keyhole surgery was a success, eliminating bunions on both feet and straightening my toes. Now, six months post-surgery, I am pain-free, able to walk long distances comfortably and my feet look fantastic.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Gordon and his team and am grateful for the positive transformation. I would highly recommend Mr. Gordon for anyone seeking relief from bunion-related issues.

    L M, January 2024

  • 7 months ago I had a minimally invasive keyhole bunion surgery done on my left foot by Dr David Gordon. He was recommended by Kamlesh Patel, chiropodist.

    At the time I had no idea of keyhole bunion surgery. After meeting Dr. Gordon for the first time and talking about the technique and the procedure of the surgery, I felt confident and happy.

    Surgery was not of the correction of the big toe only, but also for a second toe as well. My second toe was bending inwards because of the bunion and causing a lot of discomfort.

    I have wide feet but with the bunion I had to wear even wider shoes and didn't get much choice with the shoes. It was frustrating.

    On the day of the surgery I was admitted to Spire Bushey hospital. I had my own private room and great care was taken that I was comfortable.

    Staff were really good before and after the surgery. Also the utmost care and attention was given to me throughout the day until I was discharged in the evening.

    After the surgery I didn't have any pain which was great. The only problem was to keep the foot elevated for 2 weeks.

    Within 4 weeks I was walking comfortably and after 6 weeks walking without crutches. There was a swelling in the foot which stayed for nearly seven months but there was no pain.

    The surgery was amazing and I have forgotten that I had a bunion and a disfigured foot. I have started doing yoga and all other activities normally.

    From my first meeting with Dr Gordon through to finally being discharged after my six months review, the office staff have been extremely helpful in sorting out any query that I had.

    I would recommend keyhole surgery as recovery is much faster.

    K S, November 2023

  • It's been a year since my surgery and my feet are perfect!

    I had bunions on both feet which were painful; footwear was limited and I hated people looking at my bare feet!

    My consultation with Dr David Gordon was very clear and I also attended his zoom which was really useful, then promptly booked the surgery

    I've never had surgery before but the anaesthetist was so patient and explained everything! I was sent home with all levels of painkillers (which I didn't need), orthopaedic sandals on and was able to walk to the taxi.

    The frustrating part is being immobile for the first two weeks as I am active but when the bandages were removed, I nearly cried as my feet were straight!

    I was regimented with my rehabilitation exercises. My right foot healed much quicker than my left but other foot soon caught up and all was good at my six month check-up.

    Don't hesitate having the op; had no pain after the operation, a bit of swelling but that's understandable and a year on - perfect feet! Dr Gordon and his team are so kind if you have any queries, so you feel in very safe hands.

    D G-H, November 2023

  • Prior to bunion treatment my bunions were visually extremely severe. Although I had scarcely any pain, I was finding it virtually impossible to find footwear that did not rub exacerbating the bunions, which I could see were becoming increasingly large.

    Initially, I took part in Mr Gordon’s free online webinar, which gave me a lot of insight into the surgery process and allowed me the opportunity of ‘meeting’ Mr Gordon before booking an appointment, as well as gaining insights from the queries and experience of other attendees.

    From arranging the first consultation right through to the surgical procedure, I knew I was in good hands. I found David Gordon’s approach to be immensely knowledgeable, confident and supportive. My main reason for proceeding with the operation was my concern that as my bunions inevitably progressed in the years going forward, I would eventually find walking very difficult. I felt supported in my decision to proceed and David Gordon’s response to my catalogue of questions was very reassuring.

    I decided to go ahead with surgery on both feet simultaneously. Thanks to the ‘twilight’ anaesthesia I was completely unaware during surgery and surfaced afterwards without the grogginess I would have expected from general anaesthetic.

    My recovery period was exactly as described, although I did find the necessary exercises took some self-discipline to repeat every day, but I didn’t miss any sessions, as it was far too important to keep optimal mobility.

    After the time spent using crutches, my feet felt initially stiff and intermittently mildly painful to walk on. I did feel for a time that the relationship between use of my legs and feet had altered significantly. I have felt that yoga and other exercises have positively adjusted and strengthened this new connection and continuing with this regularly is part of my ongoing commitment towards full recovery.

    My osteopath described my feet as ‘the work of an artist’, as in fact, I do now have beautiful feet. However, I realise that at 6 months there is still a way to go, as my feet have some stiffness and mild pain in the joints while walking. I believe that some or all of this may be due to some arthritis which was revealed in the joints during my x-rays, but I understand that this process of complete healing can take up to a year, so I am confident and hopeful that this will all improve.

    Mr Gordon is an exceptional surgeon and I wouldn’t hesitate in highly recommending him.

    J L, London, October 2023

  • I was very happy with the care I received from Mr Gordon and his team. I received a very personal and supportive service. The team were always available to help and guide me whenever I had any queries. They also stepped in to re-arrange appointments for me when I was overseas for which I was most grateful.

    Mr Gordon explained the procedure in a very clear way and was very assuring throughout my treatment and care. I had every confidence in his ability to carry out the procedures to a high standard resulting in a full recovery.

    My bunion had developed fairly recently and was rubbing on my footwear, making my foot ache even when I wasn't walking. I was keen to have correction surgery as I understood the situation would only get worse, leaving me with major problems as I got older. I subsequently had treatment on my other foot to minimise future issues.

    Both operations went very well. My left foot which involved a more complex surgery took some time to recover fully. I experienced soreness in the area of the operation when wearing closed footwear. Both feet were swollen but this was partly due to medication I was taking (unrelated to the foot) but once this was changed, the swelling in my feet disappeared and I am now able to wear normal footwear.

    S S, Uxbridge, October 2023

  • Prior to the surgery I had severely damaged bones in both feet due to a Charcot type collapse so that eventually I was almost unable to walk at all due to pain and instability. I was previously advised by other foot surgeons that surgery and recovery would be very risky and onerous. Also any surgery performed could only be done one foot at a time.

    However, Mr Gordon was able to correct the bones in both my feet in one procedure using keyhole surgery and with only a pain block rather than a conventional general anaesthetic.

    Within a very few weeks I was able to walk normally and without pain which has transformed my life.

    I am very grateful to Mr Gordon and his excellent and extremely helpful team who made everything possible.

    R B, Otford, Kent, September 2023

  • A fitness instructor since the 1980s, I’ve put my feet through a fair bit of pounding. Over time, niggles became numerous; developing from arch pain, heel pain, then ball-of-foot pain. During the mid-2000s and after numerous visits to sports physios, podiatrists and biomechanics specialists I gave up my position as area representative for the UK’s fitness professionals organisation (FitPro) and eventually had to give up teaching. I soon began experiencing pain when hiking, then whilst walking a mile or two, then even shorter distances. I could only wear bulky shoes that could fit orthoses (sandals and high heels were out), then couldn’t even wear wellies in the winter. Pain aside, my feet had become mis-shaped and my toes appeared twisted and dislocated.

    I attended Mr Gordon’s online presentation and was relieved and encouraged that something could be done so that I might be able to walk pain-free again. I was encouraged that the surgery was non-invasive; recovery could be quicker, there’d be less downtime and above all IT WAS DOABLE.

    I booked a consultation and just like the online presentation I was taken seriously; my questions were considered salient and I felt that I mattered. Throughout the consultation it was my decision entirely whether to go ahead and have both feet corrected. It was a relief to have an opinion on what my options were going forward and there was no pressure to make a decision.

    I feel extremely proud of taking the decision to go ahead - unquestionably the biggest decision I’ve ever made - but it was only possible with Mr Gordon’s fuss-free, prescriptive-yet-positive attitude, which ‘normalised’ what could have easily seemed a procedure too daunting to consider.

    The surgery itself was over before I knew it and I was given clear instructions post-surgery, then a staged approach to mobilising. The recovery plan was clearly set out and even all the aftercare was a breeze as it was all included in the cost.

    And now? Well six months post-op and I’ve just finished this morning’s run as I’m building up to a park run in the next couple of weeks. Life has begun again!

    J G, July 2023

  • I had a deformed left foot since childhood, with a prominent bunion and a big toe that twisted towards the right (although the big toe crossed over my second toe to the left). This always made finding comfortable footwear difficult. Sandal straps rubbed against the lump. Walking and other activities were not really a problem. However, over the past 15 years or so, the bunion and twisting gradually worsened until I found that even my trusty walking boots and ugly comfy shoes rubbed against the bump. A bunionette also developed on my little toe and blistered when walking in most shoes. My left foot became 2cm wider than the right. This made finding any kind of footwear impossible.

    I have always been a very keen walker, cyclist and dancer and my problem left foot began to curtail these activities. I could not stand on my toes to do certain dance moves. My left foot ached after long walks as the malformation in my toe was pushing the whole foot out of shape and causing osteoarthritis. Even my cycling shoes inflamed the bunionette (especially when pushing up hills!).The longing to do something about this increased as the problems piled up, so I was very glad to find David Gordon's webpage on the internet and joined an online information session in August 2022.

    I had my first consultation in September 2022, surgery in January 2023 and have just been discharged with a healthy (and much prettier) foot 6 months later. The service I received throughout has been exemplary. Mr Gordon is obviously an expert in his field. I know several people who have had conventional bunion surgery and really suffered during the recovery stage and whose results have been far less impressive than Mr Gordon's keyhole masterpieces. Mr Gordon is also an extremely nice and approachable person. He is lucky to have the support of wonderful PAs (Helen and Alison) to help with all the admin, answering emails, booking X-rays, etc.

    Of course, I was nervous as the date for surgery approached. Would it hurt? Would the recovery period be awful? However, I ended up spending a fairly pleasant morning at the Spire Hospital in Harpenden. The nurses, porters, anaesthetist and recovery room staff were all so friendly and calming and Mr Gordon, of course, was his usual friendly, confident and reassuring self, checking in with me in person at every stage of the procedure. I had a comfortable room with a private bathroom and they even provided a healthy and tasty lunch. My surgery was at about 10am and I was free to go by about 2pm. I had intended to have surgery awake but the anaesthetist persuaded me to have light sedation. It was like a quick restful nap and I didn't feel a thing. My Gordon also gave me a cortisone injection for the osteoarthritis in my left foot.

    I was given a huge bag of pain-killers but after the compulsory post-op doses I didn't need them. My foot felt a bit stiff and numb but I didn't have any pain. The hardest thing was having to sit still for 2 weeks when I am used to being very active. As my foot had undergone a lot of correction, Mr Gordon kept me on crutches for the 6 week recovery period. After the initial 2 weeks, I was soon able to crutch around very easily. I followed the post-recovery advice and exercises to the letter and the night of my 6-week check-up I was back at belly dancing. I had to avoid leaps and tip toes for a couple of months and gradually build up my walking distance.

    At 4.5 months post-op I walked the Corfu Trail, covering 20km per day over 6 days with lots of ups and downs. Both feet ached a bit at the end of each day, but nothing like they did a year ago. I do not think I would have been able to complete this walk had I not had the surgery. I can now stand on tiptoe when dancing and balance on my left leg when doing yoga poses (which I could never do before with my wonky toes). I can now wear nice sandals in comfort and without having to cross my right foot over my left to hide any deformity, as there is none. I have a normal, straight pain free foot for the first time in forever and I'm very happy about that.

    I recommend Mr Gordon and team to anyone suffering from painful bunions. They are certainly the right people to help. Thank you team.

    S H, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, July 2023

  • I had suffered with hereditary bunions since about 15 years of age when I first noticed them. Finally at age 59 I decided to get them removed as a 60th birthday present to myself. I like to run 3 times a week and hike regularly and lately they were causing me more and more discomfort especially when running 6 miles not to mention the ugliness and shame of them.

    I spent some time researching the best surgeon and found David Gordon’s website. I further researched his patient testimonials and decided he was the expert I wanted to operate on my feet. Last May I had my first consultation and booked to have the operation that day choosing November 24th so that I would not affect my work colleagues by taking too much time off as we are quieter in my line of work (estate agency) in Winter usually.

    My husband and I arrived at 7am and were admitted to my private room and prepared for the procedure. At 9 I was walked to the theatre and the anaesthetist talked me through the sedation I would have. A couple of hours later I woke to find the operation had happened and I was wheeled back to my room. I had no pain and my feet were bandaged and already in the Velcro shoes that I had to wear for the next 6 weeks. After a light lunch I was allowed to go home. I followed the guidance to the T having 23 hour elevation for the 1st week and slightly less elevation the 2nd interspersed with special exercises for the feet and toes. I was able to walk unaided from day 1.

    The 1st follow up post op was 2 weeks after the procedure when the dressings were removed and a lighter bandage applied. The wounds were a bit sore but there were no stitches and they healed after a few weeks.

    I returned to work at 2 weeks post op and at 6 weeks started wearing trainers and commenced driving and walking on a more regular basis. Mr Gordon recommends gentle walking after 2 weeks but I found this really hard to do wearing the orthopaedic shoes as I could not Velcro them tight enough to keep them on, so waited until I could fit into my trainers.

    The right foot healed faster than the left and I tried running at the 12 week point post op but the left foot was uncomfortable. I emailed Alison and Claire and arranged a zoom call with Mr Gordon which eased my concerns and he suggested ceasing running for a few weeks so I cycled instead.

    In April almost 5 months post op I celebrated my 60th birthday on a walking holiday in Spain comfortably managing 8 miles of hill walks daily in heat. I am now running 3-4 miles regularly.

    I have just had my final visit to Mr Gordon for another X-Ray and all is well. My left foot is still slightly swollen and there is a small amount of swelling where the right bunion was (where it has had a slight shaving of the bone) and he has reassured me this will settle down. I have been signed off but if I have any problems can arrange another zoom call . I am not anticipating needing this.

    I am so pleased I had this double bunion operation before I am too old to enjoy having normal feet. To not have the pain during and after a run is amazing but also I had not expected it to change how I walk but it has. I used to walk with my feet turned out and now walk more neutrally.

    The entire Spire experience was fantastic (my operation was in Harpenden). The staff from porter to receptionist to radiologist to phlebotomist were so nice as were Alison and Claire, Mr Gordon’s secretaries and the man himself has such a gentle manner instantly putting one at ease. I cannot believe in a year it is all done and dusted. I am utterly thrilled.

    J W, June 2023

  • Having surgery performed was something I deliberated about for a number of years. I would have episodes where my bunions became extremely painful and I had to resort to using sandals to alleviate the painful friction/wounds that formed from wearing shoes. However, I would have periods where there were no major issues, providing I wore the correct shoes.  I kept asking myself if it was really necessary to go through surgery - surely I could continue using preventative methods and just make do?  Could I justify having surgery and being unable to be an active parent/not able to help out with the family for 6 weeks?   

    I had found some ‘specialist bunion shoes’ made by Hanwag, that certainly brought me much relief and they ended up being the only shoes I was wearing for over two years.  However, despite severely restricted footwear and using bunion pads on a regular basis, I found the frequency of pain was starting to increase, despite doing everything I could.  I am very active, and the thought of stopping and being immobile was off putting but I was getting to the stage where I didn’t want this for the rest of my life and surgery was becoming more and more appealing.

    I finally took the plunge in Nov 2022 and had both feet done simultaneously at the London Clinic. I went home the same day and felt prepared and ready to rest and recover. I found the pain very manageable and I was never really in any discomfort, so I was able to continue working from home with my feet elevated the following day, much to my surprise.

    The recovery continued to go well and I became more and more mobile.  I also found the surgical sandals surprisingly comfortable and I started walking outside in them for the allowed duration on a daily basis.  Once I started wearing normal shoes again, I started walking and cycling properly, and sooner than I was expecting.  I am now able to walk extremely long distances on consecutive days with no pain in my feet.

    The team were always very responsive and helpful, and Dr Gordan was extremely approachable and willing to answer any questions, both before and after the surgery.  In the numerous amounts of research I did before having surgery, I came across Dr Gordan’s name on a number of occasions, and I feel fortunate to have such an experienced surgeon perform the minimally invasive surgery on my feet.  It feels wonderful to be able to get up in the morning and not think about my feet - something I have been doing for a long time.  

    S M, Kent, June 2023

  • I highly recommend Dr Gordon and his team and feel fortunate to have found his website. I was in despair as my severe bunion had pushed my second toe over on to my third toe which looked horrible, limited my footwear options to crocs, and caused me a fair amount of pain. I became unable to walk any great distance and this caused a degree of weakness and muscle wasting particularly in my right leg and knee. It also negatively affected my gait.

    Dr Gordon assured me that although my foot was in a bad way he could improve it and I put my trust in him. I had my operation in December 2022 at the Spire Harpenden and 6 months later am delighted with the results.

    The nurses and anaesthetists at Spire Harpenden were wonderful. I was a little frightened and the anaesthetists, in particular, were exceptionally kind and reassuring. I had to have a plate rather than a pin in my big toe but felt well after the surgery and went home the same day. I received a call from Dr Gordon's team the following day to check how I was doing . Although I felt pain once the local anaesthetic had worn off, it was never severe and I managed without further pain relief. I followed Dr Gordon's instructions to the letter and have made a wonderful recovery. I now have a normal pain free foot, a wider choice of footwear, am having regular physiotherapy for my knee and leg and am becoming more mobile and stronger daily.

    Dr Gordon's team have always responded quickly and politely to any queries I may have had. I cannot fault them.

    I am incredibly thankful that I stumbled upon Dr Gordon's website. I am not being hyperbolic when I say that it has changed my life.

    A B, Ipswich, June 2023

  • I would highly recommend Dr David Gordon and the service I received was excellent. I am very pleased with the surgery and it has made a huge improvement in my comfort while walking. I no longer feel any discomfort when walking, which I did prior to surgery and 6 months post-surgery, I am now back walking up to 8 miles at the weekend and have started hill walking again.

    Regarding footwear, I can largely wear most of my old footwear. But as my feet have been slightly narrowed and slightly lengthened, I feel more comfortable in shoes which are a bit roomier so I now take a half size larger but narrower shoe fitting.

    I am very pleased with my surgeon and the results and would not hesitate to recommend this surgery.

    Mrs K P, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, May 2023

  • Having suffered with bunions for a good few years I decided to investigate if I could have something done about them as I was fed up with the discomfort bunions cause and I was not able to wear the shoes I liked. I was throwing pairs of shoes out as I couldn’t wear them.

    I immediately found Mr David Gordon and that he had clinics in London and Harpenden. I read and watched the video on his website. I decided to contact The Spire at Harpenden where I was given an appointment to see Mr Gordon. At the consultation I was told I needed both feet operated on and also my left foot had a bone spur on the bunion as well. I decided to go ahead with the procedure in September 2022.

    I was booked as a day case. I had my operation about 11.30 am and I left to go home by 6 pm the same day. I was able to walk before I left the Spire and had seen Physio regarding walking and what I would be able to do.

    If you take notice of instructions you are given and take any medication that is prescribed for you, you should have no problem. I was not in any pain but just slightly uncomfortable for the first couple of days. Also, told to have feet elevated and do the exercises. This is a good excuse for you to rest and let other people look after you.

    I had both feet done at the same time and so pleased I did. I do lots of Nordic walking and the 3rd week after the operation I walked 2 miles, a bit slow, but no problem. I also cycle and roller skate. I have grandchildren who I’m very involved with so I need to be pretty active and now I can say that having my bunions operated on was the best decision I made. 6 months on, I have now been discharged so all looking good. I am not embarrassed by wearing open toed shoes, so looking forward to summer.

    The service I received from Mr Gordon and his team including the admin at the Spire was excellent.

    If you’re thinking of having your bunions operated on just do as you are asked in the aftercare and you will be so pleased. Can’t recommend the team enough.

    E D, Bury St Edmunds, April 2023

  • I had suffered with bunions to both feet for a number of years and although I experienced no pain other than the bunion getting red and sore due to the rubbing of my footwear after a long walk or extended activity, I did suffer from a balance issue as the big toe on my right foot was so deformed that there was a large space in my footwear were my big toe should have been. This coupled with hammer toes to my 2nd, 3rd and 4th toes resulted in a lot of stumbling.

    The balance issue (stumbling) meant that any gym activity had to be done with the maximum of concentration and walking had to be done at a much slower pace than I was used to.

    Buying comfortable footwear was extremely difficult and so I resorted to constantly wearing trainers.

    I researched bunion surgery and decided that the minimally invasive procedure was right for me. The research led me to Dr David Gordon and from first consultation to being discharged after a little over 5 months, I knew I had made the right choice. David and his team were there throughout and were approachable, attentive and professional. I would recommend him and his team to anyone considering bunion surgery.

    The surgery was carried out at Spire Hospital Harpenden and I was admitted and discharged on the same day. At two weeks the bandages came off, at four weeks I was down to using only one crutch and by eight weeks I was into normal footwear and back in the gym doing light exercise (static bike). At 14 weeks I was jogging on the treadmill and walking five miles on a regular basis. Five months after surgery I am back to my hobby of long distance footpath walking and have recently covered 18 miles (at 17.5 minute per mile pace), no more slow walking for me.

    The surgery has improved my balance and given me feet that I am now not ashamed to show off. Really looking forward to purchasing my first pair of flip flops.

    S K, Norwich, April 2023

  • I visited David Gordon for a consultation having researched bunion surgery thoroughly and satisfied myself from the research that he is indeed one of the best orthopaedic surgeons offering bunion surgery in the London area.

    My pain levels were moderate/high with my bunions and they hurt at night with just the pressure from the mattress. My left foot to my mind was particularly unsightly with how much the bunion caused the big toe to angle.

    My first consultation was thorough and particularly useful as I discovered that Mr Gordon could help with two further problems I had. In my right foot I had a small neuroma and in my left foot the second and third metatarsals had "dropped". Both of these issues made it unbearable to walk barefoot. I was pleased to learn these issues could also be corrected at the same time as the bunion surgery.

    Communicating with Mr Gordon's office to book my surgery in and for any questions whatsoever was very easy and efficient and I always got to speak to somebody in person which makes such a difference. I had to cancel my surgery just a few days before because of a family illness and this was dealt with compassionately and with no fuss and no pressure to rebook immediately, which I really appreciated. The office staff are really helpful and nice.

    The guidelines and information given out about the surgery and recovery was very helpful indeed and I referred to it several times during my recovery. The pain post-surgery and for many weeks is not to be underestimated and I had to manage it for several weeks with prescribed pain relief. There were many days when I really thought that no surgery could be worth the level of pain and discomfort I felt sometimes and I often thought if I had my time over I wouldn't do it again. I also got frustrated if I wasn't quite ready for the exercise exactly on the day that the guidelines suggested and when my swelling and recovery took the full amount of time the guidelines suggested rather than bouncing back quicker. My recovery took a full four months, maybe even a little more because of the extra surgery I had done besides the bunions.

    The results of my surgery 8 months on are so, so pleasing it has made absolutely everything worth it. My two big toes are beautifully straight and the other corrections have actually been life changing, I can walk barefoot without severe discomfort. I can also wear shoes and sandals now that I couldn’t before because of the bunions and it’s really nice to wear a pair of open shoes and not see unsightly bent toes.

    D W, East Sussex, April 2023

  • I am extremely happy with my keyhole bunion surgery which was performed on both of my feet simultaneously last September at Spire Harpenden. 

    Although I was not experiencing any pain or discomfort before surgery, I have for many years suffered from significant bunions which just looked totally misshaped and made choosing certain styles of shoes a problem. 

    My feet are now a normal shape and look so much better, the difference is absolutely incredible. I can't wait to show them off this Summer, and at last can wear open toed sandals. 

    I also have much better balance now, as Mr Gordon straightened a number of my toes at the same time as the bunion surgery. 

    The care and attention that I received from Mr Gordon and his team has been first class, and I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Gordon who is clearly leading the field in this type of surgery. 

    L T, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, March 2023

  • I had had bunions for many years. I am 68 now and a friend I first met when I was 19 when we started nursing training, told me I’d had them even then! They were never a problem until I was in my 40s and I was put on a waiting list to have them corrected. They were beginning to hurt and my feet were getting wider because of them.

    A year later, I suffered from a severe traumatic brain injury and had to learn to walk again. I came off the bunion waiting list because I had just started walking again and felt an operation which would keep me off my feet for a while, would be counter-productive. I had to keep buying wider shoes for comfort, ending up in size 7 (I was a 5 and a half, extra wide fit!) My footwear was a very expensive problem! However, 18 years later, my feet were getting more uncomfortable, I began losing my balance again regularly and even broke my wrist during one fall! So I agreed that these bunions ‘had to go’!

    My husband did a lot of research online and found Mr David Gordon, who deals with bunions using keyhole surgery. We thought this made a lot of sense as it avoids the need for a general anaesthetic, and cutting muscles in the side of the feet, which then take time (and pain) to heal. We watched his presentation online, where he describes the whole process of surgery and recovery, in a way which is easy for anyone to understand.

    I met Mr Gordon at an appointment and was booked in for the surgery. I felt very confident in his expertise; he was very approachable and went to great lengths to ensure I understood and was happy about the procedure. In my case he explained that each foot would need to be corrected separately, due to various individual reasons. Dates for surgeries and follow-up appointments were all booked. Everything which Mr Gordon arranged was confirmed in writing by his office team and the couple of times I had queries, members of his team were very helpful and pleasant over the phone.

    The day of surgery went very smoothly, both times. I didn’t feel nervous or anxious as I felt prepared for everything. I received sedation, so was not aware of anything during the operation. I woke up in the recovery area and was then returned to my bed in my own room.

    What astounded me was that I had absolutely no pain! Having been a nurse I suppose I had assumed that one has pain to some degree, after any surgery. I had been given medication after the surgery and then instructions re. prescribed drugs for the first few days after going home. Once home, there were specific instructions to follow to aid gradual recovery and return to normal movement. I felt that everything was taken care of thoroughly.

    Six months after the 2nd op., I am walking fine, have no discomfort in my feet, am back to wearing size 6 shoes, and feel extremely pleased with my ‘new’ feet. I can feel my big toes in contact with the ground again and feel that my balance has improved. 

    I strongly recommend anyone with bunions which have become a painful problem, to engage Mr Gordon to deal with them. I have been so impressed; the preparation, surgery, care and follow-up have been excellent. Anyone who has been daunted or even frightened by consultant doctors in hospital, in the past, can be reassured that things have changed. Mr Gordon is very pleasant and approachable and obviously expert at his job.

    S D, Diss, Norfolk, February 2023

  • Today marks one year after the morning Mr David Gordon penned an arrow onto each of my feet just before conducting my bilateral bunionectomy in The London Clinic. Beyond the screen of my laptop, on which I am composing the testimonial you are currently reading, I can see my rather long and symmetrical (symmetrical!) feet, semi-brown thanks to a summer spent in sandals.

    We expect our surgeons to be clinical folk, focused on organs, sinews and bones, rather than the person composed of such. Mr Gordon is different. He listened to my pre-operation considerations and questions afterwards, never trivialising any matter.

    From the initial consultations to the operation to subsequent follow-ups, interspersed throughout with emails to his helpful team of Helen, Claire and Alison, every interaction was valuable and contributed to my healing.

    Mr Gordon transformed my feet and I dedicate my next run to him.

    Miss L K, London, December 2022

  • Prior to the surgery, I had been suffering with severe pain and discomfort on both feet due to bunions.

    This prevented me from wearing stylish shoes and I was restricted to wearing wide fit shoes or trainers.

    My interactions with Mr Gordon's team have been very good; very informative and helpful and quick to respond.

    The surgery was fine and despite being told by so many people that it would be really painful, the overall outcome was good and pain levels were less than expected.

    I am very happy with the outcome and glad to have normal looking feet!! Despite having surgery on both feet within 2 weeks, I was still able to have some mobility and continued to work from home.

    Mrs S P, Luton, Bedfordshire, September 2022

  • Before the bunion operation, I could only walk for short distances. Normal shoes did not fit and were always painful.

    After the operation, I have no pain. I can now fit into my normal shoes and can walk for miles with my dog across the fields.

    I am very happy with Mr Gordon, the surgery, Spire Harpenden Hospital and the after care.

    I would recommend the above if you have a painful bunion and want a cure.

    Mr P C, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, September 2022

  • My left foot developed a bunion in my 20s and I consulted a surgeon in my early 30s when I started to feel acute pain. He was keen not to operate and suggested orthotics. They seemed to work, as the pain I was experiencing evaporated in weeks. Fast forward twenty years and my bunion had grown, my foot was not a pretty picture, and while it didn't hurt much at all, I noticed that all my running injuries were on my left side - my hip and lower back in particular. Mr Gordon was sceptical of the link but I went ahead with bunion surgery anyway - I'm now 6 months after the operation and my back is far better, and my foot far prettier. I'm also glad to have corrected my foot at an age when I would recover quickly.

    The operation was completely painless for me. I was advised to take painkillers before the anaesthetic wore off, and was sent home with some pretty strong stuff. I didn't take any of it - nor did I need to during the 6-week recovery. I opted to stay awake during the operation as I was keen to recover quickly, and was at my desk (leg up on it) the next day at 7am. I followed Mr Gordon's programme of rehab exercises and was running again after 8 weeks without losing much fitness at all, as I followed an online programme targeted for those with a foot injury.

    Given the horror stories I've heard from friends about the NHS bunion operation, I'm still amazed at how painless, and how quickly I recovered. Mr Gordon is a fantastic communicator and his team were relentlessly friendly and helpful (and so very patient with me - I had private insurance wrangles).

    J B, London, September 2022

  • I was experiencing a lot of pain in my right foot which was preventing me from running, causing issues when skiing and ensured I could only really wear trainers comfortably, certainly none of my nice shoes!

    Mr Gordon and team were quick to respond and clear and helpful throughout the whole process.

    The surgery was quick and I was amazed at how mobile I was afterwards; I was even able to ski with no problem about 2 months later. I am wearing my normal shoes again (even high heels), running is now no problem and my foot actually looks nicer too.

    Very impressed with the overall experience and would certainly recommend. 

    S S, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, June 2022

  • I had a lot of pain and discomfort in my feet but after having a successful operation I have been delighted.

    Mrs J S, Bushey, Hertfordshire, May 2022

  • For many years prior to surgery, I was experiencing increasing discomfort and sometimes blistering on the bunion, making it very sore.

    At the end of the day or after badminton or dancing, my foot would be sore from friction with my footwear.

    I was conscious of the bunion and had not worn sandals for many years. The bunion was becoming more prominent.

    Helen Sellars was the first person that I spoke to when I telephoned for an appointment. Helen was so helpful, polite and kind, as indeed all the office staff are. They are all a credit to what is part of a wonderful team of people.

    Mr Gordon was very professional, courteous and explained everything to me at each visit.

    Naturally, I was anxious leading up to the day of surgery. The surgery, performed by Mr David Gordon has been excellent, as was the care I received throughout. I cannot praise everyone highly enough!

    The outcome is that my foot looks even better than I thought it would. The result of the surgery is fantastic and I am enjoying my hobbies more than ever. I am very happy with the outcome.

    Ms M P, London, May 2022

  • The symptoms before the operation were discomfort when walking in shoes that were a bit tight or hard leather which caused inflammation, pain and discomfort. I also experienced a couple of gout flare-ups affecting the bunion site and across the top of my foot which was extremely painful.

    I was prevented from wearing nearly all my shoes and during the summer months mainly stuck to flip-flops!

    Mostly all of my footwear was unwearable.

    From the start, all the office team were extremely helpful regarding any queries I had. I was so very glad I had found you, Mr Gordon, online. I knew I had found the 'right' man! The service I received from you was amazing. From the first consultation, I felt absolutely confident in your hands. I knew you would look after me and do an excellent job.

    The day spent in The Spire at Bushey was so pleasant. I felt peaceful knowing all would be well. The operation itself seemed to be over so quickly and I had a nice straight toe! I really felt no pain or discomfort during the recovery period, for which I was so grateful. It did bleed somewhat but when I phoned the office to enquire about it, Helen and her team immediately contacted you and was reassured that all was well. I have very little scarring because it was performed through keyhole surgery.

    It is now 6 months post-op and I am so very pleased with the outcome. The swelling on the top of my foot has virtually gone down and I am now able to walk in most of my shoes comfortably.

    The bunion on my right foot is so far not getting inflamed but if at some time in the future, it does cause pain and discomfort, I will not hesitate to get in touch with you again.

    Thank you for your kindness and expert care Mr Gordon.

    M R, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, April 2022

  • I had both bunions operated on via keyhole surgery in 2021 when I was 59. My GP had advised that she would refer me; however, she said that realistically, there would be no chance of bunion treatment on the NHS until I could hardly walk and had foot ulcers. Apart from not wanting to wait until then, I had done some research, and found that with keyhole surgery, it was possible to have both feet operated on at the same time. Best decision ever!

    Bunions were fairly inevitable (both parents had them and one Grandmother, possibly both). I had wide feet, so was careful about footwear and didn't wear really high shoes. My job was office based, and sitting down most of the day probably helped delay the onset of my bunions which I didn't notice much until my late 40s/ early 50s. By my mid-50s, I was really aware of the bunions and the fact that they were getting more and more pronounced. At that stage, I started getting foot pain and a very red big toe joint if I walked for more than 30 minutes. By the time I was referred for bunion treatment and decided to go privately and have the keyhole surgery, I had to totally avoid long walks and I wore flat, comfy shoes or boots all the time.

    Mr Gordon was very reassuring about operating on my bunions, and the advantages of having both feet done at the same time (which I was initially concerned about). It was very straight-forward to arrange the operation date, and lots of very clear information was provided on what to expect and what to do after the operation.

    The surgery went well and I went home a few hours later. (Although I was sick several times, and I would definitely NOT recommend having morphine which made me more sick).

    I was given crutches, but didn't need them. The surgical shoes were however very uncomfy and extremely difficult to walk in. For the first two weeks you have to keep your feet elevated virtually all the time. I followed this to the letter as I was lucky enough to have someone who was willing and able to bring me all meals and the regular ice packs.

    Weeks two to four were okay apart from the horrendous surgical shoes. Progressing to normal flat shoes was a joyous day. Being able to go swimming again after 6 weeks was another big day.

    People asked did it hurt much but, even after the initial anaesthetic and pain relief had worn off, I hardly had any pain at all, just some slight aching.

    The outcome is no bunions, just lovely straight toes, and after 6 months, just two slight scars on the top/ inside of my feet.

    I would definitely recommend Mr Gordon, and I would also highly recommend having both feet operated on at the same time so there is just one recovery time.

    L R, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, February 2022

  • I got in contact with Mr Gordon after looking for a specialist rather than a general orthopaedic surgeon. The recovery and outcome were exactly as Mr Gordon had laid out in advance - I was swimming in less than four weeks, doing slightly modified pilates after five weeks and was doing short runs after six. The scarring was minimal.  

    The London Clinic were very professional and with good facilities and thorough covid protocols. The anaesthetist phoned me the day after to check how was doing, which has never happened for other surgeries. I've only had the left foot done as it was worse, if the right one gets as bad I'll be coming back!

    S D, London, January 2022

  • During the last two years I was suffering gradual pain and swelling overtime on the bunion areas on both of my feet after walking for short distances and shopping in the supermarket for an hour. I was wearing my trainers to alleviate the pain and swelling.

    I did a lot of research on surgeons who specialise in keyhole bunion surgery before deciding to see Mr. Gordon. The reviews from his previous patients lessened my anxieties of the operation. I had a bunion operation on my left foot thirty years ago which took a year for the foot to heal. This was traditional bunion surgery.

    After my consultation with Mr. Gordon, I went ahead to have bunion surgery on both of my feet. The surgery was planned two weeks apart for each foot. The surgery on both feet went smoothly. I did not have to take any painkillers during recovery from my surgery. A lady from his team called a few days after the surgery to check how I was after my surgery. I appreciated the call from the team.

    I have had several follow ups and X-rays after my surgery with Mr. Gordon for a period of six months. I am very pleased that I can walk for several miles without any pain on both feet and the additional bonus is the dull pain of the arthritis of my left mid foot has gone since the bunion surgery. I can wear any shoes not just limited to wearing trainers as I was before the surgery. This has made a difference to my quality of life.

    Mr. Gordon is very caring and he is an excellent surgeon in his specialty of keyhole bunion surgery. I would recommend Mr Gordon to my friends and colleagues.

    MRS M B, Enfield, London, December 2021

  • Having fantasised about having the bunion on my right foot removed/corrected for many years, it wasn't until a bursa appeared on it that I accepted that something had to be done. I had suffered bunions on both feet since my 30s, the right always being the more prominent. What began as an inconvenience gradually turned into a footwear nightmare and a regular stabbing pain in my foot when I took shoes off at the end of the day. The choice between a firmer shoe that kept more of its shape, but caused pain as I walked and rubbed my foot sore, or something softer that offered more initial comfort, but then allowed my foot to become even more misshapen, was the bane of my life and a misery when it came to shoe selection.

    Like most people, I was nervous about the idea of surgery and uncertain about how I would cope with recovery. I was attracted to David's website because I had read articles concerning benefits of minimally invasive surgery. It was very helpful to watch a video of the procedure and reassuring to see how quickly mobility and flexibility was restored to the foot.

    As I live in Wales and we were living through a pandemic, my consultations were via zoom and my x-rays at the local Spire hospital. That made the whole process so much easier and was absolutely fine in terms of being able to ask questions and air concerns. David was always approachable and helpful.

    I was nervous on the morning of the operation (leaving at 3.00a.m. as we couldn't stay overnight anywhere, didn't help) but despite the face masks the hospital was welcoming and friendly. I wasn't sure about being awake with an anaesthetic block, so David thankfully agreed to me having a general. All went well and I awoke to a job done and my foot bandaged and in the supportive sandal. There was an initial burst of pain, but as soon as I mentioned it, David gave me a few injections in the foot which blocked it immediately and I remained comfortable until the next day. I had a few slightly painful episodes during the next couple of days, but nothing that really bothered me, or didn't disappear as soon as I took the medication provided. I had three pins in my foot as the toe needed extra to stay in place. There was swelling on and off for a few months, but nothing too bad and the scars on the foot are barely noticeable.

    I was strict about the two weeks elevation and I followed all the recommended exercises. I began short walks at two weeks and drove at six. I restarted yoga at six weeks and although my right toes complained when I tried to balance on them for a plank position, I didn't find much that I couldn't do.

    Seven months have passed and I could not be more delighted with my foot. I recently went shopping for shoes and it was such a pleasure to find something that fitted and wasn't at least a size too big to accommodate the lump.

    The bunion on my left foot is smaller, but I am now much more aware of the pain as shoes rub against it. A recent long walk made me aware of just how much difference there is in my right foot now.

    I am planning to have the second foot treated later in the autumn to rid myself of bunion pain forever and to ensure that the big toe pushing inwards doesn't cause problems later in life for walking and agility. If you are reading this then you are probably considering bunion surgery. I have no hesitation in recommending David and this procedure.

    MRS J T, Newport, Wales, June 2021

  • Over 5 or 6 years, my left big toe had become more swollen and stiff.

    It was becoming increasingly painful to move, especially as a keen golfer, and hiker. After a round of golf, or a day's hike it would need ice to "calm it down", and the following day it might be painful all day.

    I needed large toe box shoes/boots, which were sometimes difficult to get. Smart business shoes were pretty much out of the question and golf shoes were very difficult to find. Every new pair involved extended trying-on sessions to try and get right. I also found it difficult, and painful to wear soft soled shoes like deck shoes, in summer.

    I found David Gordon through some detailed research on the web, and then via the Bupa website. His credentials looked just right for what I thought I wanted, but you don't know until you've met and had an initial consultation. His admin team seemed very friendly as well as professional dealing with them on the phone and via email. Mr Gordon himself came across as just the sort of person I liked to deal with – professional, highly knowledgeable - a listener; he didn't have preconceived opinions, and was totally honest throughout. He answered all my questions even more thoroughly than I expected. And it was very helpful to be directed to various pieces of medical research findings to add to my information.

    I had looked at the video of a similar operation on Mr Gordon's website before my surgery, so knew what to expect. The anaesthetist was superb, very calming, and answered lots of questions, when in theory I should have been dozing off. The surgery went well and a few hours later when the anaesthetic and sedation had worn off, I walked out of the hospital wearing my surgical sandal. There was significant pain immediately after the anaesthetic wore off completely, but bearable with some normal pain killers. And it only lasted a few hours.

    7 days after the operation I went for a half mile walk (in my surgical sandal), it seemed fine – no pain, and walking gait seemed normal. 2 days later I did just over a mile, which made it a bit sore, and 10 days after the operation I was up to 3 miles walking in trainers. The toe was again a bit sore afterwards, and a bit red, and a bit more swollen than its post-op normal, but nothing for me to worry about.

    Now, three months after the op I get the odd, minor, painful few seconds, but in essence, an 8 - 10 mile walk every day, is no problem, and I can do press-ups with bare feet, which would have been totally impossible before the op.

    In summary, if I needed the operation again, I would have it without hesitation, and David Gordon, and his support team, would be my choice. Many thanks.

    MR A S, London, February 2021

  • After many years of very painful bunions even in flat shoes I realised that my feet were compromising my lifestyle too much and it was time to do something about them.

    So, in 2018 through a friend's recommendation, I sought Mr Gordon's help and, finally had with minimally invasive surgery a double bunionectomy. The procedure went very smoothly and Mr Gordon and his team put me at complete ease. I walked out of the hospital the same day and had relatively little pain as my feet healed.

    I had delayed seeking help for so long as I am self-employed in retail and was concerned to be back at work as soon as possible. The stories of weeks off work with the old invasive surgery methods has deterred me completely. But with the minimally invasive surgery after 3 weeks rest and doing the exercises exactly as instructed, I was back at work resting my feet whenever possible to aid recovery.

    The follow up contact from Mr Gordon gave me confidence that all was healing okay.

    I am now completely pain free with feet that I am happy to reveal in summer sandals and can wear heels with no problem at all. I've also discovered the pleasure of walking in the countryside all over again. But most importantly I can be on my feet all day without that terrible burning pain that used to accompany me as the day wore on.

    Mr Gordon's attention to detail is superb and I would highly recommend him and the procedure to anyone....thank you so much Mr Gordon it's made a huge difference to my life.

    Mrs B W, Welwyn Garden City, February 2021

  • Having suffered with bunions on both feet for twenty years I realised I must take action when a toe crossed over an adjacent toe. The pain in my toes was becoming unbearable and I was no longer able to do ballroom dancing without removing my shoe and resting every twenty minutes.

    From pre-operation X Rays it was apparent that my left foot needed reshaping in addition to correcting the bunion and the procedure was going to be more complicated than a routine bunion operation. Mr Gordon discussed in detail with me what he intended to do and gave me an honest assessment of what could be achieved.

    The procedure involved using medical pins and plates to enable my foot to be reshaped and in addition the bunion was substantially reduced. To prevent damage to the foot after the operation I was not allowed to weight bear on the left foot for six weeks, but I was able to keep mobile using crutches. After six weeks I was allowed to walk wearing a protective sandal.

    The operation on my right foot took place six months later, so that my left foot had time to strengthen and return to normal.

    My right foot also needed reshaping as well as having the bunion corrected, however this operation was not so complicated and I was allowed to weight bear wearing a protective sandal immediately after the operation.

    Both operations took place in 2018 and I am very pleased with the results. I can now do as much ballroom dancing as I wish with no pain. I occasionally experience some minor pain in my left forefoot, however, this soon passes and is due to arthritis in my foot and is not the result of the operation.

    I did not have the operations for cosmetic reasons, however, the appearance of both my feet has been much improved. Mr Gordon was very clear on what could be achieved and what he promised was definitely achieved.

    Mr Gordon takes great interest in how his patients are progressing after their operations and regularly sends questionnaires by email, so that patients can keep him informed of their recovery.

    Mr R S, Harpenden, December 2020

  • Having suffered with a painful bunion on my left foot for years and not being able to wear nice shoes I was really frustrated until I saw the advertisement in the newspaper about Mr Gordon. Thank goodness I did and decided to do something about it, and it was the best thing I could have done.

    Having met Mr Gordon, I felt at ease at once and he explained the procedure to me. The operation was painless and the recovery quick as it was keyhole surgery and I was home the same day.

    It has been two years now and I have never looked back and would recommend anyone suffering with this painful condition to put their trust in Mr Gordon.

    Mrs V B, Woking, December 2020

  • I am pleased with my foot operation carried out by Mr Gordon. It was very successful, I had a little pain but can now walk perfectly well. I think Mr Gordon did an excellent job.

    Anonymous, December 2020

  • Just wanted to thank you all for the excellent service I have received from you over the last year. Best since I have been a patient at Spire in 12 years!

    Miss K K, Luton, Bedfordshire, November 2020

  • I have had bunions for most of my adult life. For many years I managed to accommodate them in ever widening footwear to allow for an active lifestyle. I tolerated this as I thought surgery would be painful, recovery slow and the outcome could result in restricted movement. I was much too scared to take the plunge.

    Eventually it became impossible to find any footwear that was pain free, this impacted greatly on daily life. I had delayed help for so many years that not only were my bunions very large but I had developed bent toes and very painful corns. I would avoid barefoot activities at all costs being embarrassed by my now very ugly feet. You would not see me getting sand between my toes.

    So at sixty I nervously looked into surgery. Having chosen to discuss my problem with Mr Gordon it soon became apparent I was in capable hands. I was very anxious but Mr Gordon listened to my concerns and was honest and reassuring in his answers.

    I had both feet, which included bunions, toes and corns operated on two weeks apart. Surgery, done as a day patient both times, went very well. Post op recovery was so much better than I had anticipated. I needed very little pain relief. The couple of concerns I did have were quickly addressed on the phone and things went very smoothly. Mr Gordon sets out a clear, detailed programme of exercises that I followed diligently. Life was restricted for eight weeks but after coming out of surgical sandals I made steady progress and from three months could do anything I wanted and was back doing all my favourite activities but now pain free. Also the change in their appearance is remarkable, I'm always looking for opportunities to show them off. I could not be more delighted.

    Mr Gordon is a superb surgeon. He is also friendly and approachable which made the whole experience so much less nerve racking. Mr Gordon's expertise has given me new feet, thank you.

    As an update it is now nearly three years since my surgery. During that time I regularly hill walk covering many miles, cycle and participate in exercise classes, all without any problems. I have reached the point now that I forget I had such major surgery done, except when I look at them. Still delighted.

    Mrs R A, Gravesend, Kent November 2020

  • I would like you to know, how having bunion surgery on both feet, has made such a difference to my life, considering they must have been some of the biggest bunions Mr Gordon had ever seen. The operation was something I had feared all my life having bunions from the age of eight.

    I was in my late seventies when I finally plucked up the courage to have them removed.The operation was nothing to be feared, the recovery was also easy, I had the second one removed two weeks later.

    My son then in his forties had suffered as much as I had, pain and trouble with shoes and embarrassment, he also decided to have his removed.

    If you are in any doubt about having the operation don't be, Mr Gordon would be at the top of my list to go to.

    Mrs M W, Barling Magna, Essex November 2020

  • Both my feet were becoming deformed in shape and painful with bunions. I had considered having bunion surgery in the future but decided to investigate the keyhole procedure as shoes were becoming a problem to fit and I also liked a slightly high heel.

    David Gordon was recommended by a friend so after reading his profile on the Spire Harpenden website I arranged an appointment to see what the surgery entailed.After a full explanation of the procedure by keyhole surgery and reading the information on David's website, I decided to have both feet straightened with bunion removal within three weeks of each other.

    Helen Sellars is David's Secretary who was always very helpful, easy to contact for appointments and provided help with any of my questions.

    The procedure was pain free and I was able to walk on each foot straight away to leave the hospital in a sandal. After a full week of elevation of each foot and then gradually less elevation along with easy exercises. I was soon able to walk as guided in David's recovery instructions after three weeks.

    The Scaring on my feet is hardly noticeable and I have fewer back problems as I no longer walk on the outside of my feet to avoid pressure on the bunions.

    I would definitely recommend David for his enthusiasm, professionalism, attention to detail and care in his surgery. He prides himself in making the best outcome possible for each individual patient.

    I am extremely happy with my new straight bunion free feet.

    Mrs G L, Luton, Bedfordshire October 2020

  • I am so pleased with the results of my minimally invasive bunion surgery. I have had them from my teenage years. They would be sore after long walks and getting shoes that didn't fit exacerbated the problem. Having retired in 2019, I decided to do something about them, but wanted to ensure that I had a good result, as I have known family/friends that haven't had a good outcome.

    Upon meeting Dr Gordon, I felt that I had made the right choice and was confident that I would get the best possible result. I had no reservations about going ahead with the procedure and had both feet done at the same time and a hammer toe straightened.

    What was amazing was that I suffered no pain at all, only slight discomfort when walking with the boot initially and a bit of stiffness in my big toe. I was waiting for some pain to kick in, but it never did!

    My recovery from the surgery was so easy and without any complications, I followed the detailed after-care exercises. I am now going for long walks and have no problems/issues. I have very small scars that are barely noticeable. I am thrilled with my new feet and being able to wear shoes that aren't wide-fitting is a treat!

    Dr Gordon and Helen his P.A. provide such a pleasant and efficient service, everything was so straightforward – and a fantastic outcome. I would recommend Dr Gordon to anyone that is thinking about having the minimally invasive surgery.

    Ms B B, Droitwich, September 2020

  • I am now 6 months post-op and I couldn't be happier with results. My foot is as good as new, pretty and perfectly functional. Foremost, I can rely on it again.

    I hadn't considered nor decided upon surgery because of pain (having only had occasional stabbing pains, usually during and after jogging, and dull pain when on feet), my main issue was instability of the foot. It felt as if the big toe wasn't there, lacking support for the left forefoot and any feedback. This made me feel unbalanced and lose my footing with anything more strenuous than walking on flat surfaces.

    I jogged less often and not as far, started relying on other forms of exercise, however, even going down the steps safely was not a given.

    My childhood x-rays already show hallux valgus, and it runs in the family, so this was something I was living with all my life. Wearing heels only when absolutely necessary, no pointy shoes, only footwear with comfortable, wide toebox.

    So I did my research, and pretty much zeroed in on Mr Gordon straightaway, with a super comprehensive website and countless delighted testimonials which I'm now joining.

    Everything from arranging an appointment, booking the surgery, admission to hospital, surgery, discharge to recovery was running as seamlessly as one can wish for. Instructions issued pertinently every step of the way, any remaining queries promptly answered. I have felt safe and in good hands throughout. The pain after surgery was minimal. I was managing my expectations, and dreading the rebound pain, however I couldn't even pinpoint when the local anaesthetic wore off, and my hand (following accidental extravasation of fentanyl) hurt worse than the foot, and that wasn't particularly painful, either. I am a doctor myself and couldn't believe how little pain there was, the first metatarsal was broken and screwed back together after all.

    I proceeded with prescribed exercise regime and couldn't wait for the two week checkup, when I'd get to see the new foot. This was another surprise, my foot was almost an inch narrower across, the big toe completely straight! From then on it was all a breeze, I was only bandaging the foot for perhaps another four weeks and then stopped as there was no residual swelling at the end of the day. At the same time I started exercising on the Peloton as there's not as much strain on feet as with jogging, without any pain, and at three months I started on the treadmill and jogging outside. I was probably overcautious, as I was able to run 10k easy, no pain, no wobbles, my foot as new.

    I am beyond delighted with the results, I can wear any shoes, even for running, I can do everything. I have less mobility in my big toe now post surgery, however the range is more than enough for anything I get up to, and makes the foot somehow more stable.

    I only wish I hadn't waited that long...

    Mrs K O, Barnet, Hertfordshire September 2020

  • I had bad bunions that I'd suffered with since my late teens and really, I hated my feet! However there was nothing I could do except major open surgery which I knew was painful and very inconvenient so I lived with my feet for two more decades until I heard of minimally invasive surgery.

    Keen to explore the options, I visited Mr Gordon and felt immediately at ease, confident that he could correct my feet.

    I had surgery during May half term and honestly, I experienced so little pain it amazed me! I wore rather ugly sandals with bandages for two weeks, then the bandages came off and I continued with the sandals for another three weeks. During that time I did my best to rest but with two children and being an active person, it wasn't easy. I was walking well and as soon as I was allowed trainers (6 weeks) resumed running. In fact, I was back in heels 8 weeks after surgery although expect your feet to swell for up to 6 months post op (mine went up and down).

    That was over a year ago. My feet have given me no trouble, they look sooooo much better, I can wear nice shoes. I have no pain and I am really over the moon!

    Mrs E C, Barnet, Hertfordshire, July 2020

  • For a while I noticed my right big toe moving gradually inwards and the bone bulging outwards, but ignored it. Eventually, the pain caused by the bunion was making me so miserable. I was limited to wearing a couple of pairs of shoes and had stopped most activities, all thoroughly frustrating.

    The NHS advised surgery with a considerably long recovery time which concerned me because of the impact on my job. So I researched keyhole surgery and found David Gordon. With keyhole hallux vulgus correction being one of his specialities and his credentials, it seemed like a no brainer to at least meet him.

    I'm sure I was a bit grumpy, stressed and tentative when I first met Mr Gordon, especially as I was now experiencing new pain in both knees. From the get go, he was straight forward, informative and answered all my questions. I found him to be (despite my initial sober demeanor) personable and warm throughout.

    On the day of surgery, Mr Gordon saw me before and after the procedure and even just before I was anaesthetised in the theatre, he asked if I was comfortable. Post-operation, I had a succession of appointments and felt closely monitored and well cared for. The procedure from start to finish was pain free and uncomplicated. I was back at work within four weeks (working from home within two weeks) with an amazing result.

    Mr Gordon also advised on the cause of the knee pain and recommended a wonderful physiotherapist who resolved it within a month.

    Support from Mr Gordon's team was professional and courteous, with my enquiries dealt with in a timely manner.

    I am now pain free and can wear my party shoes and trainers comfortably and have resumed playing tennis! My feet look pretty again so much so that I have returned to wearing my toe rings!

    I would not only recommend this particular procedure but also Mr Gordon and his team who quite evidently have the expertise and resources to undertake it in a very efficient manner.

    Mrs N H, Watford, Hertfordshire, July 2020

  • I have had bilateral bunions since my early teenage years. I have been self conscious of my feet for as long as I can remember and found most footwear I wanted to wear rubbed and caused redness and pain.

    About 18 months ago I noticed my big toes were starting to turn inwards and the bunions looked bigger. I was also finding that I was experiencing pain when I ran, and as a keen runner this was the main trigger factor in seeking help. The pain in my feet was felt whilst running and also in the evenings .

    I tried special insoles and visited chiropodists but they did not help. I was given Mr Gordon’s details from a friend who personally recommended him having had her bunion operated on the previous year.

    I knew from my initial appointment with Mr Gordon that his keyhole surgery was going to be the right option for me. The procedure was explained thoroughly and I decided to have both feet operated on at the same time. Mr Gordon assured me that the bilateral surgery was possible without extra pain and with the same recovery time and he was right.

    I had minimal pain for the first week post op and kept to the non weight bearing schedule for the 2 weeks. I then gradually started doing the exercises and weight bearing for longer. It was incredible how quickly I recovered and at 6 weeks post op I was back to running

    At 6 months post op I am completely pain free and running 5 times a week without any discomfort. I cannot recommend this surgery enough. I can now wear sandals and shoes without the fear of rubbing or embarrassment.

    Throughout the process Mr Gordon and his team were highly professional, helpful, and informative. I am so happy with the result of my surgery.

    Mrs J F, Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, June 2020

  • I am so pleased with every aspect of my bunion treatment by Mr. Gordon and his team. Helen was so helpful in arranging things and Mr. Gordon is exactly what you would hope for in a surgeon.

    I consulted with Mr. Gordon after I had been suffering for months from progressively worsening pain in my left big toe joint. I didn't have a particularly distorted toe or large bulging joint, but the stabbing pain in that joint could take my breath away. It started in the evening when I put my feet up to relax. The pain was like a sharp skewer stabbing into the joint.

    I was upset to be diagnosed with arthritis and a bunion. My Mother has suffered for years with bunions to both feet and I was determined not to suffer in the same way. It's a problem that will only get worse without surgery. I didn't want to wear orthotic shoes or rigid inserts and certainly didn't want the pain.

    Mr. Gordon was sympathetic and thorough in explaining the issues and options available. Rather than fusing the bone I chose to have pins fitted to correct the problem. The surgery was straightforward and I was utterly delighted when directly afterwards Mr. Gordon removed the bandages, to reveal my completely straight joint and toe. I hadn't expected such an immediate result.

    I kept my foot elevated for the recommended two weeks and didn't need any pain relief. I have had no problems since the surgery. A small 1cm scar at the side of my instep is the only reminder that I ever had a bunion problem. When any friends with bunions find out I've had this surgery, they always ask if it's worth it and I advise them not to hesitate in having it done. I can wear heels to go out when I want to. My toe is straight and I have no pain.

    I was so pleased with the results, that I went back to Mr. Gordon several months later to have a Morton's Neuroma removed from the same foot, with the same positive results. Just today I enjoyed a five mile walk with my family. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Gordon to anyone.

    Mrs L E, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, June 2020

  • I put off for many years seeing a Dr about my bunion because I was scared and believed I did not have the time. Within 20 minutes of consultation with Mr Gordon I went from procrastinating to taking action. The reason for this is that I was given detailed advice, realistic expectations and I was able to talk through all my fears however silly they were.

    I had surgery 6 days after and even though I have the road of recovery ahead of me , I have found my experience and service received from Mr Gordon post surgery to be outstanding. His no nonsense approach is accompanied by care which is what I needed.

    I wish to add that I usually do not write feedback but make an exception from the norm as this is well deserved and hope it may reassure others who have doubts and fears as I did.

    By - Anonymous, February 2020

  • Before having surgery my symptoms were pretty typical of those with bunions, I had pain whilst walking average distances and virtually all footwear was uncomfortable. These issues, combined with the fact that I was extremely uncomfortable with the appearance of my feet meant that I would never show my feet, even on holidays and I'd shy away from long walks or exercise (at 23!) 
    From the very first consultation onwards I was completely confident in Mr Gordon's ability and I knew I'd found the right surgeon for the job! Mr Gordon was confident that I'd have great results and he was right. 

    The surgery was really quick and went well, I was awake and Mr Gordon took me through each step so I was completely aware of the process as it was happening. Recovery was smooth, I had my bandages off after two weeks as normal and it was steady progress from there. 

    I was actually able to comfortably back-pack around New Zealand and Australia 3 months after surgery! My feet look and feel like brand new. 

    Thank you so much to Mr Gordon and the team! 

    Miss R S, St Albans, Hertfordshire, February 2020

  • On the 18/12/18 I was 16 and had keyhole surgery on both my feet to straighten my toes and get rid of my bunions. Before surgery, I had some pain in my feet however I was very insecure and hated getting my feet out at any occasion in public. I was embarrassed to wear flip flops in the summer as my feet were on show so wore socks and trainers whenever I could. I hated my feet as I felt no one else was the same and everyone seemed to have square feet. I spoke a lot to my parents about how insecure I felt and they did a lot of research on it. I tried sleeping with things in between my toes and using orthotics yet nothing seemed to help. My dad then found David Gordon's website as he did keyhole surgery and there are little people who do. So we booked an appointment to see him. He was extremely nice and caring and talked to me a lot about how I felt about my feet and how he would do the surgery and the consequences of it all. He asked if I would rather have one foot done and then the other or at the same time and I chose to have them done together, as my GCSE's were in 2019 and I wanted to be healed by then rather than prolonging the process. David reassured me of exactly what was going to happen. When I left my first appointment I felt very positive about the whole procedure and confident that David was going to give me back my confidence again. In the first few appointments, I filled in some questionnaires about my feet and how I felt. This would then compare to the questionnaire after my surgery.

    On the day of surgery I was very nervous when I woke up however when I saw David in the hospital he was so positive and calm about it I felt very reassured that it was the right decision. After speaking to David I felt a lot less nervous and in fact excited to finally get square feet. All the nurses were very sweet at the hospital and they all looked after me really well. While I was asleep they injected my ankles to completely numb both my feet so that when I woke up I wasn't in much pain. The surgery was quick and when i woke up I was with some really nice nurses who reassured me that it all went well. They gave me some painkillers so that I wasn't in any pain, my feet were all bandaged and in some boots. I was taken to my room by a really kind man who was very smiley and made me laugh and feel very at ease. I was looked after very well in my room with regular checks from the nurses to see if I was okay or needed anything. One of my nurses was very funny having a general chat with me, which I appreciated a lot. David also checked on me regularly to see how I was doing and told me everything went well. I was let out later that day and the same man who took me to my room took me to the car with mum and dad having a nice chat to all of us and he helped me into the car. When I got home we ordered a Chinese and I was feeling a lot better in myself. I was actually able to walk around and upstairs as the boots put all your weight off your toes.

    The next week or so I got regular checks from David's PA and David himself to see how I was doing. Whenever I needed more painkillers or had any questions Helen, David's PA was so helpful and she helped me a lot. It reassured my mum as well who could easily call her up at any time to speak to her about anything. Mum and Dad worried about Pain Relief one day and called up Helen who spoke to David straight away and he called back very quickly, even though he was in surgery that day. He straight away gave us a prescription for a stronger painkiller. Once out of surgery I had to ice my feet every couple of hours and sometimes more. My dad invested in an ice machine to hire which became very useful as it saved someone holding frozen peas on my feet for a while. To have showers we put a chair in the shower which I sat on and then I put my feet up on another chair out of the shower. My parents helped put plastic bags over the bandages so that they didn't get splashed and that way I could have a shower, which worked well. When school started 4 weeks after the op, I was perfectly capable of walking with my boots on around school. Some days I would use crutches if I felt unbalanced but most days I was able to walk without them. 6 weeks post op I had my bandages were taken off and xrays where I was on the road to recovery. David wrote down the exercises I needed to do daily. At first, I really struggled with this and started Physiotherapy to help with my exercises. But not long after I was able to do them a lot more easily on my own.

    A year later my feet are straight and I'm in good health. I went back to playing tennis about 6 months post-op and now back to my standard before. I'm able to do everything I could before the op and there is no pain at all. Thanks to the keyhole surgery, the scars are barely visible and so tiny you wouldn't be able to notice them. I can finally wear flip flops and have my feet out without feeling insecure about them and I'm a lot happier in myself. I would highly recommend David Gordon to anyone thinking of having this operation not only has he been so kind and helpful but he is amazing at what he does. He has helped me with my confidence so much and I can't thank him enough for it. To think it was only a year ago I had this operation yet my feet are completely normal where there's no pain whatsoever and they're now completely straight is incredible.

    By - Miss C H, Esher, Surry, January 2020

  • I'm 36 years old. I've always been very conscious about my feet. I had bunions on both feet which caused pain and discomfort, especially during/after sport. I struggled finding comfortable shoes and wearing heals was too painful.

    I had a newborn so open bunion surgery was not an option due to lengthy recovery. While researching I came across minimally invasive key hole technique. My insurer recommended Dr Gordon.

    I had both feet operated at the same time. I was able to stand on my feet immediately after the surgery and walked within few days. The recovery took 2/3 months. I'm now eight months post surgery, have no swelling or pain and the scars are hardly noticeable. My toes are straight, I can wear heals and I'm no longer conscious about wearing sandals.

    I am very happy with the surgery results and Dr Gordon and his team were amazing throughout the process.

    Mrs E F, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, November 2019

  • My symptoms before the surgery were pain and discomfort, and I had to wear correct footwear that didn't put pressure in the area of the bunions.

    The pain in both feet was quite severe at times so I found it difficult to walk or stand for any length of time. Footwear was very difficult at times especially as the bunions got bigger and I had to wear shoes that sat away from the bunions.

    The service I have received from Mr Gordon and all of his staff has been exceptional, from when I first made my initial consultation right through to when I was discharged 10 months after surgery.

    I am extremely pleased with how the surgery went and so glad I finally took the plunge and had it done the keyhole way as the scars are so minimal it's hard to believe I have 2 screws in each foot. The outcome of the surgery is that I have no pain where the bunions were and my feet look a lot prettier than before.

    Mrs B M, Sevenoaks, Kent November 2019

  • For nearly 50 years (I'm now 61) I had expected to need bunion surgery at some stage as my mother had severe bunions which required surgery and even as a young teenager I had an obvious deformity on one foot. In my late twenties this began to cause intermittent pain so my GP referred me to an NHS consultant who however would not treat me until I was in constant pain.

    As a keen walker I opted instead for prescription orthotics and carried on walking long distances on a regular basis for the next 30 years or so, though in due course the other foot also developed a bunion and both worsened progressively until comfortable walking boots became first difficult and then impossible to find – even when professionally stretched. In the process I acquired enough unsuitable boots to open my own shop and a vast range of footcare products: toe separators, bunion guards, corn plasters, padding and so on.

    Preparing for a walk became ever more complicated and time-consuming to the point where I could only postpone the discomfort for a while and began gradually to have to reduce my usual distance to little more half despite having the same amount of energy and enthusiasm. I also tore the cartilage of one knee twice in less than a year and whether or not these injuries had an impact, my feet started to deteriorate at a faster rate.

    I had concerns about the outcome of conventional bunion surgery and dreaded the enforced inactivity during the recovery period, so towards the end of 2017, when it was clear that I'd have to give up walking anyway if I left it much longer, my research led me to Mr Gordon and the minimally invasive method. The information on the website was invaluable – and I returned to it at intervals over the next 18 months – but I still had lots of questions, so I then spoke to Mr Gordon's PA, Helen Sellars, who was exceptionally patient, helpful and informative – and remained so throughout, assisted by her equally supportive colleagues, Alison and Claire.

    At the initial consultation in November 2017, I was reassured by Mr Gordon's friendly and approachable manner and evident experience – and relieved that my feet were not beyond help. As Mr Gordon advised an interval of 6 weeks between the two operations, had I gone ahead at that point I would have been slightly too late to resume walking in the early spring of 2018. Despite the dire state of my feet I therefore postponed surgery until the end of that year, agreed my preferred dates with Helen and soldiered on.

    In autumn 2018 I admitted defeat and had my first operation slightly early, in November, though leaving the second as planned, for January 2019, meaning I actually had a 9-week gap, which proved helpful. The consultation and x-ray appointments had been in London but I chose to have the operations at Spire Harpenden for ease of travel to and from the hospital and because I'm originally from Hertfordshire and still have a sister living there.

    Both operations were excellent in every respect: having seen Mr Gordon several times by then I was well-prepared for the procedure and just as Mr Gordon inspires confidence, so too did his anaesthetist and surgical team. All the hospital staff I met were just as welcoming, friendly and caring so I was able to relax and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

    After both operations I was fortunate to have my sister on hand to drive me home to Surrey and my (retired) partner there to look after me until I was more mobile. I had prepared as much as possible to live on one floor for the first week or two, including buying ice packs and a waterproof bandage cover for the shower; the only thing I was unsure about was how much pain, if any, to expect. After the first operation I was encouraged to start taking the painkillers before I was discharged so I don't know how I would have felt without them, but it wasn't until about 36 hours afterwards that I felt some discomfort and what there was, was brief and bearable with the minimum dose.

    The benefit of a 9-week interval between the two operations was that I was able get out and start walking again. After the 6-week check-up, once in trainers, I built up the distance and by the week of the second operation I was as ready as possible for the next period of inactivity. Having timed my operations for the winter months, I wasn't missing wonderful walking weather anyway and my preparation included a huge pile of library books. Other than the regular rehab exercises I had little to do so managed to read more books in my 8 weeks off work than in the entire decade before; I also enjoyed planning my holidays for 2019.

    Postponing surgery for so long probably meant a more complicated procedure so I not only needed the big toes corrected but the 2nd and 3rd hammer toes on each foot too. As my feet seemed similar in this respect, I assumed the second operation – and recovery – would resemble the first, so I was surprised to experience significantly more pain afterwards and to need the painkillers rather than taking them as a precaution. The worst spell lasted no more than 24 hours but I continued to feel much more general discomfort until the bandage was removed at the 2-week check-up: the bandage itself was tighter this time; also, no doubt to improve the outcome, there was a stitch in the second toe which had not been the case before and placing any weight on the foot was unpleasant.

    At the same time, though not as a result of the operation itself but probably the strict elevation position required afterwards, my lower back seized up within 24 hours of the second operation, so what with being unable to place my weight on the operated foot or to straighten my back, I had an awkward couple of weeks during which I could only hobble at best, but once the bandage was removed, the foot discomfort was instantly relieved - and I was able to travel to see the osteopath.

    Other patients should not be concerned about this as I have a back problem so am used to having osteopathy as required; also, ceasing to wear prescription orthotics after the best part of 30 years was bound to mean a significant adjustment for my entire body, so I expected to need treatment at some stage after the operations anyway; it was simply part of the recovery process. I progressed to physiotherapy and then pilates to make the most of the transformation.

    The operations have proved genuinely life-changing – and life-enhancing - for me and the results everything I hoped for. I feel very fortunate when I hear about the experiences of others who were treated elsewhere and with other procedures. Only afterwards did I discover that some friends hadn't shared my confidence and were astonished by the speed of my recovery and the appearance of my transformed feet. Not that anyone will ever look enviously at my feet: they still aren't photogenic but it's function that matters to me and having that restored is priceless.

    For a while it seemed as though everything revolved around my feet but it really wasn't long before I could forget about them and get on with my life. I was self-funding and saw the cost as an investment in my future health and happiness. After having my life blighted by bunions for so long, I found it very empowering to be able to take charge and to choose the consultant, the procedure, the hospital and the dates of the operations.

    A final surprise for me at the 6-month check-up: Mr Gordon showed me the x-rays taken earlier that day, revealing the extent of the new bone growth since surgery. I was already delighted by my new-look feet but this was an even better note on which to end.

    Ms C A S, Redhill Surrey, August 2019

  • David Gordon's excellent surgical skills and passion for his field combined with his kind, down-to-earth nature make him a gem of a consultant. I felt in very safe hands throughout my bunion treatment and I would not hesitate to recommend him, his team, and the minimally-invasive technique.

    I have a family history of bunions and although I've had them on both feet since I was a teenager, they only began to trouble me in the last couple of years. My symptoms included shooting pains and soreness and a burning sensation when walking, preventing me from walking long distances and wearing several pairs of shoes.

    Having heard colleagues' stories of challenging recoveries following open bunion surgery, I researched the minimally-invasive technique and came across David who I first saw in summer 2017. At the age of 35 and with a five and two-year old at home, there was never going to be a 'good' time to have surgery and we decided upon an initial treatment of wider, softer shoes. David, however, explained from the outset that bunions are a progressive problem which worsen over time and given mine were already quite progressed for my age, surgery would be the best option if my symptoms continued.

    And sure enough, they did, getting progressively worse over the following year. I decided to go ahead with surgery on both feet in October 2018 to avoid two separate six-week recovery stints. I felt the surgery went very well. Both David and his anaesthetist explained everything clearly at the pre-, during and post-op stages so I felt informed as to what to expect. I was able to go home after a few hours recovering and only really experienced pain for the first two-three days following my surgery. This was effectively controlled with take-home medication. Any questions I had following surgery were swiftly answered with follow up phone calls from David's team and the anaesthetist.

    Having my husband and children away for half term meant I was able to put my feet up (quite literally) for a week and tried to follow David's 'Post-Operative Rehab Protocol' to the letter. This rest and following the exercises helped me recover quickly with minimal swelling after just a couple of weeks. Given the amount of correction David had performed, I continued to wear a wedge boot until 6-weeks post-op, at which stage I had no pain or swelling, was back in my normal shoes and back at the gym.

    Around the 3-month post-surgery mark, I did experience pain again in one foot. David was thorough in investigating straight away and after a couple of weeks resting the foot and walking in a boot, the pain had completely gone. Now six months post-surgery, my tiny incisions are almost hard to spot, I can do every single toe and foot movement I could wish, have no pain at all when walking or at the gym and I can wear any shoes I choose – including eight-inch heels if I want (David's words, not mine!)

    David's PA, Helen provided an excellent service throughout. She is very approachable and organised and alongside Alison and Claire in the office, the team were always on hand to answer any questions.

    I am so happy with the result of surgery, and amazed at the effectiveness of the minimally invasive technique. Thank you!

    Mrs W W, Seven Oaks, Kent, May 2019

  • I decided to have bunion surgery after reaching a point where I was so fed up of being in pain all of the time and being unable to find comfortable footwear. I also disliked the appearance of my feet as the bunions had become much more pronounced. I began researching the procedure , it was encouraging that there is now the option to have non invasive surgery which is a real improvement on the traditional method.

    After reading Mr Gordon's website I knew I was ready to go to the next stage and arrange a consultation. At the initial appointment Mr Gordon explained everything fully and gave me the chance to ask questions, I felt encouraged by his professionalism and confidence along with his ability to put me at ease, I left feeling reassured and positive.

    I had my right foot operated on in February 2019, and then the left one two weeks later.

    On the day of the operations I found all the staff at The Spire Hospital Harpenden very welcoming, both Mr.Gordon and the Anaesthetist explained what would happen and again I felt reassured. The operations went well and on both occasions I went home the same day.

    Post operative experience, overall I was surprised that it wasn't as painful as I had expected, I managed with the special sandals and the crutches with a bit of practice! I did the exercises as instructed and rested as much as I could although it's tricky getting comfortable ,I found using cushions / pillows helped a lot with positioning and elevating feet.

    At around 7 weeks I was in trainers( needed to go up 2 sizes) and really pleased with how my feet were looking. I had my follow up appointments with Mr.Gordon along with Xrays which showed everything had gone to plan.

    Now 8 months on I look back and think how glad I am to have had the procedure, no more pain , back to normal with walking,standing,doing exercise and being able to wear different shoes. On holiday it was lovely to wear sandals and fit flops without feeling embarrassed about the appearance of my feet.

    I would confidently recommend the procedure and Mr Gordon & his team , a massive Thank You to them all.

    Mrs L R, Bedford, Bedfordshire

  • I am in my mid-50s and have suffered from bunions on both feet for at least 30 years, the right foot more misshapen but less painful than the left until the past 2 years. My left foot then started to become more painful with the big toe laying over the next toe. I was experiencing piercing pain at night and finding shoes over the past 10 years that fitted and caused no pain was a major problem. Finding sandals for the summer was problematic with straps cutting into the bunion and also showing my unsightly feet.

    I was also concerned about how the bunions were affecting my balance, as I have early onset Parkinson's and was finding I was gripping my toes on my left foot to maintain balance in certain situations.

    I had heard about keyhole surgery and researched online and decided that Dr David Gordon was the person to ask for advice. I had decided against the normal surgery procedure with the NHS as I had heard too many stories about long and painful recovery and also difficulty in obtaining consent from the GP.

    On meeting Dr Gordon I felt comfortable to discuss my concerns. He was very reassuring and suggested that I have surgery on both feet at the same time. As I work full-time this seemed a good solution for me as it meant I would only need to take 6 weeks off work, as the recovery period would be the same for both feet. I was surprised that this was possible but Dr Gordon advised that with keyhole surgery it is quite common.

    The day of my surgery went very well and I did not have any concerns or feel pain. I had a day room at the Spire Bushy Hospital and was monitored hourly by very professional staff. I was able to leave at the end of the day with customised footwear that made me work on my heels (I called them my Frankenstein shoes!) I also had crutches.

    I am fortunate that my Partner is retired and he became my carer whilst I was recovering. I could not have managed at all if I had been at home on my own. I followed Dr Gordon's instructions to the letter to aid recovery. This included staying in bed for the 1st week and most of the 2nd, then on the sofa with my feet elevated at all times; putting ice on feet every hour during the day and also doing exercises with the toes and later full feet, which became easier once the dressings were removed at the beginning of the 3 rd week. I used the painkillers prescribed for the first 3 days but did not need them afterwards. There was still pain but it was manageable. Actually it was the aches and pains in my back and shoulders from lying in bed in one position that became more challenging.

    I met with Dr Gordon on three occasions and had x-rays taken. These showed the screws and alignment of the toes and there were no complications. I was still limping after 6 weeks as my right toes felt very bruised but this went completely by the 4th month. I wore trainers two sizes bigger than normal from 6 weeks after surgery until the 4th month, to accommodate the swelling. I then wore flat, wide fitting ankle boots for the next two months. On my recent 'all clear' from Dr Gordon I was told I could wear whatever felt comfortable, including heels. That's my next step!

    All in all, the service provided by Dr Gordon, his staff and the Spire Bushy Hospital staff comes highly commended and I would not hesitate to recommend the procedure. I now have pain free and beautiful looking feet.

    Ms A C, Uxbridge, Middx, January 2019

  • I have suffered with bunions since my teens (I am now 49) and over the years they have become progressively worse. Although I was not prevented from doing my normal activities, I suffered on a daily basis with throbbing pain around the bunion sites and struggled to find comfortable shoes to wear. I put off having surgery due to hearing reports of poor results and increased pain after surgery and also because of the long recovery period, months off work and not being able to drive when I had a young family. So, I just learned to live with the pain. However, in the last couple of years my bunions became more troublesome to the point where my big toe on my left foot had deviated so much that it was pushing my 2nd and 3rd toes underneath my 4th toe and I started to get pain underneath those toes as well when walking. That's when I decided I needed to do something and plucked up the courage to see a consultant on the NHS with a view to having the left foot corrected via the traditional open surgery technique. It was only when my surgery was delayed, that I decided to look into alternatives and discovered that it was possible to have bunions corrected using a minimally invasive technique and that's when I came across Mr Gordon's website. Thank goodness I did!

    After reading the testimonials and meeting Mr Gordon for the first time at my initial consultation, I knew straight away that he was the man for the job. His friendly, professional manner immediately put my mind at rest as he clearly explained the procedure and what to expect post-surgery. The minimally invasive technique meant that I could have both feet operated on at the same time, meaning only one period of recovery. Mr Gordon explained that as well as correcting both bunions he would also need to correct the 2nd and maybe the 3rd toe on my left foot to avoid a big gap once my big toe was straightened. The NHS consultant told me that those toes "would hopefully sort themselves out."

    I had my surgery on the 13th March this year at Spire Harpenden. I was really impressed by the hospital and I was extremely well looked after by Mr Gordon, the surgical team and nursing staff. The procedure went very well and I was home later that day with my feet heavily bandaged, weight bearing in post-operative sandals, with crutches for support. I felt surprisingly comfortable after the surgery and didn't need to take the strong painkillers prescribed until the ankle blocks wore off, which for me, was 48 hours after the operation. The pain I felt then, came as a bit of a shock, but thankfully was short lived and I was very grateful for the painkillers for a couple of days. A reassuring phone conversation with Mr Gordon's PA, Helen, immediately put my mind at rest as she explained that what I was feeling was all perfectly normal.

    I followed Mr Gordon's very clear and detailed post-operative rehab instructions and started the exercises when I felt comfortable to do so. Strict elevation was tough but I knew how essential it was to my recovery. I found it especially uncomfortable at night but I soon became used to it, and in fact continued to sleep with my feet on two pillows for about 2-3 months as I found it really helped to reduce the swelling at the end of the day.

    The exercises on the left foot proved to be more difficult because, where I had my 2nd toe corrected, this needed to remain strapped for a further 4 weeks after the bandages came off and couldn't be moved. Although Mr Gordon adapted the exercises for that foot and explained clearly what I needed to do, I found them quite tricky for fear of moving the strapped toe and as a result feel that my hesitation in doing the exercises properly may have accounted for the 'slightly' limited bending movement I now have in my left toe compared to my right. Having said that, I'm still really pleased with the range of movement I have and delighted that I can still point my toes!

    At 6 weeks I was back at work and wearing normal shoes. For the first few weeks I found that I really needed a soft but supportive shoe and bought a pair of very light-weight Skechers with a sock-like fabric which were so easy to get on and like walking on air. Even though I still had swelling at that stage I found I was able to comfortably wear my normal shoe size. After that I was back wearing flat sandals with a heel strap for support, by 3 months I could comfortably wear flip flops with a toe post and by 5 months I could comfortably wear sandals with a block heel.

    I was back driving short distances at 8 weeks.

    I am now 8 months post-surgery and I'm absolutely delighted with the results. I'm back walking and running pain free with no swelling, my toes are beautifully straight and the incision scars are hardly noticeable - the difference is really amazing. I have always felt extremely self-conscious about my 'deformed' feet but now for the first time in years, I can proudly show them off. I am so thankful to Mr Gordon for his expertise and also to Helen for being so patient and reassuring whenever I contacted her with any worries. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Mr Gordon and just wish I had discovered him earlier!

    Mrs D H, Arlesey, Hertfordshire, November 2018

  • I had been having pain and discomfort from my bunions for over 15 years but, although I had not been prevented from pursuing any of my normal activities, I knew the pain was getting worse and I was in fact just learning to live with it. I was also finding buying any footwear a nightmare. So much so that if I did manage to find a comfortable pair of shoes I would buy in bulk! I am an active sportswoman, enjoying Swimming, Netball, and gym work and my main concern with having any procedure was the amount of time I would be off my feet. Mr Gordon explained the whole procedure to me and put me at ease with the process and I have to say the outcome was far better than I could have imagined. I was back in the pool in week 3, back in the gym at week 5 and back to playing netball after a couple of months. I have never liked my feet so I didn't have the operation for cosmetic purposes but I have for the first time in my life spent the summer in flip flops, not worrying that people were looking at my weird feet. I would totally recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering. Mr Gordon and his team have been great, always there to answer any questions. My only regret is that I didn't have the operation years ago.

    Mrs LC, Leicester, September 2018

  • I am a woman of 59 years and have increasingly suffered with a large bunion on my big toe and a very crooked and curved hammer toe which had started to tuck itself under my big toe for a few years now. After a lot of hesitating I finally decided to take the plunge after a discussion with someone in a similar situation and seeing her results. From start to end of my experience Mr Gordon and his team made me feel very comfortable and managed my expectations and patiently answered all my questions. Mr Gordon operated on my foot in October 2017. Now, 9 months on, I have no regrets about my decision even with some numbness in my big toe and inability to bend my hammer toe, which is understandable since it was severely deformed by the time of the operation and quite a bit of bone had to be removed. In fact it has been the hammer toe rather than the big toe bunion that has been the biggest challenge to settle down. My wish is that I had had this operation earlier. But regardless of this as said I have no regrets.

    My symptoms before I had the operation were constant pain, throbbing in my big toe and regular blisters on the hammer toe. I was extremely limited in choice of footwear – needing low heel boots or similar and thus tended to avoid wearing dresses as I could not manage court shoes or similar. However, my reason for having this operation was not to do with fashion, but to do with increasing pain and limitations in walking and thus increasing limitations on my independence. My mother had similar problems and never got them sorted out and by the time she was in her 70s she was very limited about how far she could walk.

    The surgery and recovery was almost entirely to the description given in the website. The instructions about what to do post recovery should absolutely be followed. I booked the operation in October so that by Xmas I hoped to be walking reasonably normally and driving again. This proved pretty much to be the case although I held back from driving until end of January purely due to my hammer toe – the latter taking the longer to recover. There is quite a lot of pain (probably more than I expected) so be prepared. The worst pain was when the foot block anaesthetic wore off about 12 hours after the operation. This was pretty excruciating. Strong pain killers were needed and I have never craved ice on my foot like I did before. However, by following the recovery plan guidelines everything settled down. Just be prepared and be realistic. You must be patient and must follow Mr Gordon's recovery instructions to the letter!. During my recovery there were a couple of times when I was concerned. Both times caused by the hammer toe. On each occasion I received excellent help from Mr Gordon and his team.

    So, now 9 months on – I am pretty pleased with the results. I have lovely straight toes and can wear a wider range of footwear than I have been able to do for many years. Mind you I am avoiding high heels – this foot is too precious to me to risk! And I was never a high heel wearer anyway. My foot is still a bit swollen and thus a bit bigger than my other foot and I have been advised that it can take up to a year or even a little bit longer for all the swelling to subside. I have limited bending movement in my big toe, some numbness and I cannot bend my hammertoe which still throbs a bit but as Mr Gordon explained it can take quite a while for broken bones to heel and my hammer toe had to be broken to be straightened and some bone removed from the joint. I am a bit more complicated due to the combination of bunion and hammertoe and I was well briefed of the potential after effects. Despite the numbness and limited mobility in the hammer toe in particular this is much better than before and I am able to walk miles and miles again. My mobility was a lot worse before and I am confident that over the next few months things will continue to improve but even if they don't this operation has been worth the investment. I have a potential problem looming on my other foot and should it start to develop as this one did then I won't hesitate to get that one sorted too.

    Mrs P R, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, August 2018

    Thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences.

    Rarely, significant pain can occur after the foot block wears off and usual pain killers manage this.

    I'm so glad you're happy with the results.

    Mr David Gordon.

  • Two Words - Life changing

    It was a major decision for me to have surgery with Mr Gordon not least for the fact that I was self-funding and lived about 200 miles aware from Spire Harpenden. I had been in excruciating pain for several years and my mobility was rapidly declining to the point that I knew if I did not take action, not only would the pain become completely unbearable but I would also probably be in a wheelchair. Unless you have experienced it, I am not sure how to explain how constant pain completely wears you down both physically and emotionally and affects your total well-being. Walking any distance was an ordeal and finding shoes that did not exacerbate the problem was becoming increasingly difficult. My feet were badly misshapen and looked deformed.

    Whilst several friends had undergone bunion surgery on the NHS and privately, all had their bunions operated on by the traditional method but with very poor results and in most cases some were left in more pain than before. I did a lot of research as open surgery did not sound like the best or a viable option. The thought of being left in more pain was a prospect I did not want to risk. When I came across Mr Gordon and read the testimonials I knew I had come to the right surgeon. The fact that Mr Gordon uses keyhole surgery was a key factor in my decision to proceed. Mr Gordon's PA, Helen was also just amazing in guiding me through the whole process and it is not only Mr Gordon's exceptional skills as a surgeon that are so vital but also the overall professional, courteous and outstanding customer service that Helen provides in the background that is so reassuring

    As for the surgery itself I had always had a serious problem with being violently sick from anaesthesia and an enormous thank you has to go to Dr Shetty, the anaesthetist. For the first time in my life I was able to have surgery without being sick afterwards. The first thing I noticed after the operation besides my lovely new boot shoes I had to wear was that there was absolutely no pain. I didn't need any of the painkillers I was prescribed and made sure I did all the exercises I was given. Being self-funding there was no point having the operation and then ignoring the aftercare as it is such an important process in the recovery. The only problem I had was learning to walk properly again. I had been limping for so many years I had forgotten how to walk as I should. However, this was short lived and all I can say is six months on and the surgery has literally been life changing. To be able to walk without pain after 12 years of being in agony is something I will never take for granted and I cannot thank Mr Gordon enough. My feet look normal, no deformity and I can wear any shoes I want which is an added bonus. However, given that six months ago I thought I would be in a wheelchair by now, I can only say I have my life back and am fully mobile, pain free and that is nothing short of miraculous. Without doubt worth every penny and the effort to travel so far for the surgery. I wanted the very best outcome and without doubt I got the very best surgeon and the very best care.

    Miss A B, West Yorkshire, August 2018

  • If you are reading my testimonial it's probably because you are in the same place as I was about twelve months ago. In my 60th year and having just retired from a busy working life I could finally embark on something I had dearly wanted to do for lots of years. I always knew that I would most likely develop bunions, my mother and grandmother had suffered with them and sure enough they appeared on both feet in my 40s. Gradually they worsened over time becoming ugly and uncomfortable and I just knew that I had to do something about them.

    And so along the way in my extensive research I came to this website and read all about David and the latest minimally invasive techniques he uses and thought it sounded incredible and so far removed from the days of very invasive surgery, long recovery times and often poor results. My only fear then was that my bunions were so bad that this wouldn't be possible. I started reading all the other testimonials here and was reassured that even what sounded like some more severe bunions had been able to be treated this way…..so speedily booked an appointment in September via Helen (David's PA).

    At my initial appointment David explained everything involved in the surgery and recovery and confirmed that he could operate on my bunions and my second toes would benefit from correction as well using the minimally invasive techniques …..I was so excited! A few weeks later my husband and I set off from The Peak District and arrived early one morning at Harpenden Spire for the operation on my left foot, naturally I was a little anxious about the procedure but was soon reassured by the warm welcome that all would be OK. I had elected just to have local anesthetic so was awake all through the operation happily listening to my iPod. I was discharged around lunchtime and on my way home. Two weeks later I was back to repeat the exercise on my right foot. I'm a naturally inquisitive person and so this time I decided not to listen to my iPod but to observe all that was happening and listen to David talking me though the procedure…..it was fascinating!

    I knew the worse part of all of this would be having to put my feet up for a few weeks, I'm usually always on the go and don't sit still for very long! So it was difficult but I knew it was a means to an end and entertained myself reading books and doing a little online retail therapy – sandals for new feet!! I had very little pain only needing a couple of paracetamol in the first couple of days and soon followed instructions and began the various exercises I had been given. Two weeks after each operation I saw David for follow up appointments and this is when the bandages came off and I could see my "new" feet….wow they were such an improvement!

    Eight weeks after the first operation I was back in normal shoes, able to drive and began my usual daily two mile walk again, a little bit slower to start with but soon got back into my stride. Now nine months on I can hardly see the tiny scars and my feet feel and look great. I've covered my feet up for so many years being too embarrassed to show them, suffered with blisters and corns and now they have beautifully painted nails and are out on show at every opportunity. It has been truly liberating

    A couple of the testimonials I had read at the very beginning of my journey said that "this is life changing"..... and for me it definitely has been.

    Would I offer any advice? Pick up the phone now!

    Mrs D S, Peak District, June 2018

  • I had considered surgery on my big toes a number of times over the past 10 to 15 years for 2 reasons;

    • Some pain when wearing any shoes even with wide fittings

    • My mother, now 85 has numerous problems caused by her bunions and is now unable to walk without pain or for any distance

    So after another period of frustration, searching for court shoes to wear for work yet again and a where my feet were the limiting factor for walking distances, I decided to look again at possible treatments.

    I was recommended by the NHS to have bones fused together which I was not prepared to entertain as this would definitely limit the flexibility of my feet.

    I then looked at a traditional bunionectomy and considered the length of recovery time associated with this as I have a busy career which would be affected.

    I was then told that there was an alternative key hole surgery which meant no stitches to recover from I went to see Mr. Gordon and was convinced that this was the route for me.

    He was extremely informative and assisted me in considering the options available, recovery times, etc. I agonised over the double operation, both feet at once but eventually made the decision to do this hoping that one period of recovery would mean that I could be back at work within 6 weeks to 3 months as advised. I had never had any surgery in my life and was as you would expect apprehensive.

    So on September 29th I travelled to the London Clinic and had the double key hole bunion correction plus during the procedure, for which I remained awake, I was advised by Mr. Gordon that 2 other toes on my left foot would benefit from being broken and re aligned to avoid an excessively large gap between my now straightened big toe. I agreed to go ahead with this as well.....

    Mr. Gordon and the excellent anaesthetist were re assuring and all went to plan.

    I now realise as I was a little naïve, the initial days post surgery were more painful than I thought and I was very grateful for the painkillers for around a week.

    I followed the post-surgery instruction and stayed in bed with my feet elevated for 2 weeks, just getting up to go to the bathroom a few times a day. This was surprisingly easy with the post-surgery shoes which basically made me walk on my heels.

    After the first week this could have tempted me to become more mobile, however I made myself rest and elevate as essential to maximise healing during this crucial stage of recovery.

    I made the visit to see Mr. Gordon after 2 weeks, my longest walk so far.... and waited to see my feet revealed from the bandages.

    Amazing, the big toes were straight and the small scars from the incisions were tiny. There was at this stage lots of swelling and my feet were very stiff as expected. I continued to follow the post-operative advice, rest, elevation and slowly increased the number and frequency of the prescribed exercises over the next 4 weeks.

    I absolutely believe the double operation was the right decision, moving around was pretty easy with the surgical shoes and the crutches were only really needed for a couple of weeks, and to be fair more for confidence than a physical requirement

    Now the great news

    I was driving short distances after 6 weeks

    I did have an automatic for a few weeks as the additional broken toes made the left foot recovery a little slower.

    December 22nd, 12 weeks post operation I was skiing for Christmas with my family in France Mid January, I for the first time forgot about my feet, I know that sounds a little strange but they have been the focus of my mind for so long and up until then always there, not painful but stiff, sensitive perhaps but always on my mind and a consideration for doing anything.

    Now 18 weeks post operation I have started to wear shoes with small heels for short periods of time. I expect it's just another part of the journey to 100% recovery taking small steps at a time.

    I can now see a future of pain free walking as long as I'd like, the ability to buy comfortable shoes without restriction of style but most of all a future without the worry of being unable to walk, which at the end of the day was my main reason for having surgery.

    I thank Mr. Gordon for being so pleasant and informative from the outset and for the excellent surgery he and his team carried out for me.

    Mrs J T, Leicester, February 2018

  • For as long as I can remember, I have had a bunion which impeded my walking. Wearing sandals or any court shoe was really painful, only I couldn't get up the courage to have my foot operated on. By the time I came to see Mr Gordon, my second toe had curved inwards, making it really uncomfortable to sleep with. Every morning I had to 'part' the two toes and I eventually invented a way of keeping the two toes separate - by inserting a synthetic web spacer and strapping the toes together with tiny pieces of velcro, in order to keep them separate. Eventually and tentatively, I plucked up courage to see Mr Gordon and to see what he could do to help me. He and Helen were so affirming and encouraging and totally put my mind at rest. I could not have felt more grateful. The operation was done under a local anaesthetic. The anaesthetist on the day took me step by step through everything he did, and Mr Gordon, throughout the operation, explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. At the end of the operation, I saw the result. It was AMAZING. I had not seen my foot looking like a proper foot - and matching the other foot - for over 40 years. I still keep looking at it and walk around with a permanent grin on my face, not quite believing it really is normal. I cannot thank the Team, Mr Gordon, the anaesthetist, who was Dr Pin Patel, the hospital staff and of course Helen, who was on hand for any concerns I had, I cannot thank them enough. If you need a foot sorting out - do it, and be assured it really will be an amazing experience.

    Rev J W, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, January 2018

  • Following a fall I damaged my right ankle, and was seen by Mr Gordon in the outpatients dept at the L & D Hospital. Xrays confirmed that I had damaged the ankle ligaments and that for long term relief I needed reconstructive ankle ligament surgery. Whilst I was there we also spoke about the bunion on the same foot which had also been giving me walking problems. Unfortunately, these could not be operated on at the same time, as the ankle surgery required a different recovery and the use of crutches, whilst the bunion surgery required limited amount of weight bearing in a surgical sandal, and without crutches.

    The ankle surgery was carried out as a day procedure in April 2016, following the operation the foot and ankle were put into a support dressing and a surgical sandal worn and I was supplied with crutches, and my recuperation continued at home. Several weeks later the dressing was removed, and I was fitted with a knee-high Aircast boot and started walking more normally. Several weeks later as the surgery had gone so well, I was allowed back into normal trainers to continue the healing process.

    I was very pleased with the new stability I had in the ankle, but the bunion was making my foot roll over to the right and counteracting the support of the reconstructed ankle, and so I had another consultation with Mr Gordon 6months later to see if this could be operated on. At this point my care switched from the L&D Hospital to Spire Harpenden Hospital. This is when I had the good fortune to get in touch with Mr Gordon's wonderful secretary Helen Sellars.

    I had the bunion surgery on 7th September 2017 as a day care patient, went home in a bandage and support sandal and was allowed straight away to put minimum weight onto the right foot.

    The bandage was removed 12 days later and the foot although bruised and swollen still looked far better than it had before surgery. On November 6th I saw Mr Gordon again and had a repeat x ray which showed the healing process was going better than expected and new bone growth was already visible, and the scarring was almost invisible. Both of us delighted at the outcome and I was feeling happier than I had for a long time for which I am very grateful to Mr Gordon.

    Prior to surgery I suffered with pain and discomfort not only when walking but also resting. I experienced a dull ache in the bunion area which was made worse after excessive standing/walking or extreme cold weather. This meant I stopped being able to do as many long dog walks both at home and on holidays because of the discomfort during and after. I had stopped buying expensive and fashionable shoes but instead wore the same style of shoes which my elderly mother had worn, which did nothing for my self esteem. I hated going on beach holidays or swimming because I was so self conscious of my foot.

    I have been so impressed and grateful to Mr Gordon for his skill and professional and approachable nature, and for explaining everything connected with the surgery and aftercare in full, and Helen for being patient and friendly when I contacted her several times with questions.

    For the first time in many years I am looking forward to the summer and being able to wear fashionable shoes and sandals, and not being ashamed of my feet anymore. I would have no hesitation in recommending this dynamic duo to any of my friends who find themselves in a similar situation. I have no regrets at having either of these operations done as the outcome has been better than I ever expected or imagined.

    Mrs J L, Luton, Bedfordshire, December 2017

  • I had attended on Information Evening on MIS for Bunions presented by Mr Gordon at Harpenden Spire. It was an excellent evening, Mr Gordon giving a clear explanation on the procedure and the rehabilitation programme. Subsequently, I decided to make an appointment with Mr Gordon for an assessment. My aim was to have bunions on both feet corrected by MIS so I could continue to enjoy my hobbies of walking and gym classes with the bonus of being able to choose fashionable footwear.

    I am so pleased that I opted for Bilateral MIS with Mr Gordon. The whole process was very smooth with no complications. This was all due to Mr Gordon and his team. The administrative team are excellent, booking me into a convenient date and calling 4 days post operative to ensure I was recovered after surgery.

    I continued with the rehabilitation exercises on Mr Gordon's website and after my 2 week review with Mr Gordon was allowed to walk for 10 minutes daily, increasing to tolerance. At six weeks review I was in large lace up trainers to accommodate some swelling but able to walk for a considerable distance and drive. It meant I could enjoy a holiday in Ireland travelling by ferry and car.

    At six months I am no longer aware of having surgery and achieved all that I had wanted, now walking on a regular basis at 3mph a distance of 6 – 7 miles with no pain or after affects. My anxieties over surgery had been alleviated by clear instructions at each stage and knowing I could ask questions that would be dealt with factually in a sympathetic manner.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Gordon to friends and relatives.

    Mrs C D St Albans, Hertfordshire December 2017

  • I first consulted David Gordon because my feet were causing me an increasing amount of pain, I found I was unable to walk very far and had discontinued all leisure activities involving exercise. I was limited to wearing just one pair of sandals, come rain or shine, as I was unable to find any comfortable footwear.

    I cannot praise David and his team enough for the care and consideration to my wishes throughout the whole correction process, special thanks to David's P.A., Helen, who was always on the end of the telephone and patiently dealt with all my concerns. From my point of view both operations went very smoothly and I was surprised how little pain I suffered during the recovery period.

    It is only a few months since the surgery on my feet and I can't believe how good my feet look and feel. I, myself, feel much better and fitter than I have in a long time and I have been able to resume all of my old activities. I am even planning to start some new forms of activity over the coming months.

    Heartfelt thanks to David and Helen and the rest of the team.

    Mrs D R, Berkhampsted, Hertfordshire, November 2017

  • I would like to say how delighted I am with the result of my bunion operation and the care and expertise shown during and after the procedure.

    I can now wear any type of shoe, even high heels.

    I am also very pleased with the attention and care of all involved at Spire Hospital Bushey.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Gordon and all involved.

    Mrs S G, London, November 2017

  • I will start at the end of my journey, rather than the beginning, as I am so happy with the result of my foot operations by Mr. Gordon, and cannot wait to share with others the delight of looking at two perfectly straight feet. This is life-changing for me: after suffering bunions for as long as I can remember, I am now wearing flip-flops for the first time ever and feel a very young 67 years!! Trips to the shoe shop will be a joy rather than an embarrassing ordeal. Mr. Gordon has done a truly amazing job and I cannot thank him enough.

    I started to think about surgical treatment a couple of years ago when I noticed my bunions gradually getting worse; as I developed quite a severe deformity in both feet, wearing shoes became more painful and the search for summer sandals, that did not rub or show an ugly lump, very restricted. Researching treatment options, I read a few articles on minimally invasive surgery that led me to Mr. Gordon. HURRAH! He turned out to be exactly what I had hoped for.

    Right from the start, he explained everything in detail; no question was too much trouble; he built up your confidence, and made you feel at ease. So, after my initial consultation, I went away armed with all the facts and no pressure from anybody to go ahead. I opted for a foot block rather than a general anaesthetic, remaining awake during the procedure very happily listening to my music without worries about what was happening to my foot; this was due to the confidence I had in Mr. Gordon rather than myself. I was admitted to Spire Harpenden Hospital as a day-case on both occasions, returning home late afternoon, fully weight-bearing in special sandals supplied by the hospital. Mr. Gordon gave me clear postoperative instructions, which I followed religiously; this is not a quick-fix operation and requires some effort from the patient to stick to the physiotherapy instructions in order to regain good mobility! It pays off in the long run.

    It is now four months since the operation on my second foot, and scarring is only barely visible in either. Pedicures are a delight!! I certainly would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Gordon. A huge thank you also goes to his PA, Helen Sellars, who efficiently rescheduled my second operation soon after I had to cancel the original date due to other health issues.

    Mrs P F, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, August 2017

  • I was so pleased to discover Mr Gordon's web site as I had been looking for key hole surgery for bunions for a couple of years and I liked the web site and all the information it gave me.

    When I rang Helen, Mr Gordon's P.A . To arrange an appointment I found her to be friendly, approachable and informative. I discussed my situation that I had a severe bunion which had gone under my second toe and was pushing the rest of my toes together causing discomfort in all my shoes. It was so difficult to get shoes to fit. Also my foot looked ugly.

    Although I had to travel approximately one and a half hours each way to Harpenden, it was so worthwhile. I liked Mr Gordon immediately and felt safe and confident regarding the operation. It was explained to me in full. The surgery went well and I was pleased to have only an ankle block and sedative. The follow up care is thorough and x rays taken to check the bones, two of which had had to be broken to put my foot back to normal. There were no stitches involved.

    I have virtually no sign of where the incisions were made and after the operation I experienced no pain apart from one and a half hours on the second night. That was it! For me, anyway, no pain relief needed. I can now get into all of my shoes and my foot looks and feels so good.

    My recovery was excellent. So much so that one of my friends was so impressed she also followed me and has had her bunions operated on by Mr Gordon.

    I recommend Mr Gordon wholeheartedly.

    Mrs B W, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, August 2017

  • Whilst not the worst bunion in the world mine was unsightly , red and inflamed , painful and often throbbed at night. To accommodate it I had to move up 2 sizes in shoes. As I already take size 7, that is a problem, there's not much choice in 9s . I was restricted in what I could do, dog walking for example became a painful chore.

    I had understood that the traditional treatment was painful and unpleasant, and thus I had put up with the inconvenience of the bunion. Then I heard about David Gordon and his minimally invasive treatment. From the first contact with Spire Harpenden, through consultations, operation and recovery I have felt comfortable, reassured and convinced that this was right for me.

    After a couple of consultations with Mr Gordon , the operation was done as day surgery and I was home in time for tea. A heavily bandaged foot in an orthopaedic sandal took some getting used to, but pain during recovery was minimal, I only needed one dose of paracetamol tablets. Not normally the best of patients I committed myself to following recovery instructions to the letter. Being retired makes that easier but some simple variations to domestic routine allowed me to follow elevation etc. instructions. Recovery was uneventful and I have full movement, no pain and only a very faint mark (fading rapidly ) marks the operation site. My foot is as straight as the other, unaffected foot.

    I must thank Mr Gordon. I would say he 'wears his learning lightly'. He is relaxed, friendly and approachable, certainly not my idea of a consultant hitherto, but clearly an expert in his field. He explained in words I could understand exactly what would happen and why . From the start I knew I was in safe hands.

    This is my first experience of private medicine and I am very happy with how it all went for me, thank you Mr Gordon.

    Mrs H P, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, August 2017

  • I have had bunions for most of my adult life. For many years I managed to accommodate them in ever widening footwear to allow for an active lifestyle. I tolerated this as I thought surgery would be painful, recovery slow and the outcome could result in restricted movement. I was much too scared to take the plunge.

    Eventually it became impossible to find any footwear that was pain free, this impacted greatly on daily life. I had delayed help for so many years that not only were my bunions very large but I had developed bent toes and very painful corns. I would avoid barefoot activities at all costs being embarrassed by my now very ugly feet. You would not see me getting sand between my toes.

    So at sixty I nervously looked into surgery. Having chosen to discuss my problem with Mr Gordon it soon became apparent I was in capable hands. I was very anxious but Mr Gordon listened to my concerns and was honest and reassuring in his answers.

    I had both feet, which included bunions, toes and corns operated on two weeks apart. Surgery, done as a day patient both times, went very well. Post op recovery was so much better than I had anticipated. I needed very little pain relief. The couple of concerns I did have were quickly addressed on the phone and things went very smoothly. Mr Gordon sets out a clear, detailed programme of exercises that I followed diligently. Life was restricted for eight weeks but after coming out of surgical sandals I made steady progress.

    It is now six months since surgery. I have new walking boots and for the last three months have been regularly hill walking covering many miles. I am back doing all my favorite activities but now pain free. Also the change in their appearance is remarkable, I am now looking for opportunities to show them off. I could not be more delighted.

    Mr Gordon is a superb surgeon. He is also friendly and approachable which made the whole experience so much less nerve racking. I would also like to mention his secretary Helen who was always efficient, helpful and kind.

    Mr Gordon's expertise has given me new feet, thank you.

    Mrs R A, Gravesend, Kent, August 2017

  • Although the symptoms I had before the operation weren't severe they were enough to warrant having the procedure done. I had a permanent aching pain in both feet although the left was worse. At times I would have a severe sharp pain shoot through my foot and this would stop me mid stride and last for a few seconds. Of course there was the ugliness of both feet so I was reluctant to wear sandals and had to buy wide fit shoes.

    The service I received from Mr Gordon was outstanding, I was recommended to him by a colleague and would certainly recommend him to others.

    Although I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic (was really sick on waking up) the operation went well and I can honestly say it didn't hurt as much as I expected, The 6 week recovery time was relatively painless, more aching and frustrating than pain.

    Now 8 months after the operation and my feet look great. They are 95% back to normal, I just have occasional swelling which will I am told will decrease in time. No pain now just aching if I don't wear supportive shoes for any period of time. I can wear any shoes I like without feeling at all conscious.

    Highly recommend and really pleased I went ahead!

    Mrs L P Wellingborough, Northants, August 2017

  • Key hole bunions operation done January 2017 - I am 68 years old and have suffered with my feet since very young. As I got older I began to develop bunions, they become very painful, found buying shoes very difficult. I saw how my mother struggled with her bunions and I thought I will go the same way she did. Walking become very painful, my weight shot up as a result of doing less and less, even house chores became difficult. Talking to people about bunions, everyone kept saying how complicated, difficult and painful the operation is. About 10 years ago I heard about Minimal Invasive surgery which I believe was started by a French Doctor by the name of Joel Vedrois.

    Following that, I read an article in the Telegraph newspaper about a lady who had a key hole procedure with Mr. Gordon stating how happy she now was and praising Mr Gordon's work. My husband and I took the decision to get in touch with him. Our first point of contact was Helen (his secretary) whom very patiently answered all our questions, putting our mind at rest right from the first day. My first appointment with Mr Gordon was done at Spire Hospital in Harpenden. Everyone at reception was very professional , all paper work done speedily without queries. Mr Gordon made me feel very comfortable explaining everything in great detail . Helen organised hospital, dates follow ups, etc.

    I had my feet done at the London Clinic in January 2017. Surgery was excellent , went very well, when I woke up my foot was numb, little pain afterwards but never requiring strong pain killers. Two weeks after the first operation I had the bandages taken off. My husband was present. We just could not believe our eyes when we saw the foot. Apart from seeing some very tiny incisions, no swelling, no bruising. Big and second toe so straight, as if nothing ever happened . I had the same results with the second foot.

    Post operation instructions and exercises were easy to understand and follow. Six months on I am a new woman, the word delight is too little to describe my feelings. Incredibly grateful to Mr Gordon for his amazing (Miraculous work). Seeing the final XRay still cannot understand how those screws were inserted through those tiny holes. If you are a bunions sufferer, do not wait any longer, Mr Gordon will change your life.

    Mrs E M, West Byfleet Surrey, July 2017

  • I had suffered with the joints in my feet since childhood, always struggled with footwear and felt extremely self conscious of my feet for as long as I can remember. Over the last 10 years my feet had become increasingly painful with large unsightly bunions developing on both feet. My range of footwear was becoming very limited because of the pain in my feet. Also I was finding that many of the weight bearing activities I enjoy such as hill walking, running and intensity training were becoming too painful to endure. I also had pain in my toes and joints during mountain biking and was dealing with it by using special shoes and fat pedals.

    I sought help from the NHS via my GP and was dismissed at first, told to go to Scholl to sort my feet out and then eventually, after much perseverance on my part, referred for orthotics. Orthotics gave some temporary relief for everyday activities but didn't address my issues with footwear or sporting activities. I was advised that surgery on the NHS would result in a long recovery and a massive reduction in the mobility in my feet so best avoided unless absolutely necessary.

    I then came across an article in the newspaper about minimally invasive keyhole surgery to treat bunions and the feedback from patients was very positive. After much consideration I decided to pursue this treatment via the NHS and was informed that it was not routinely available, not available in Wales and referral would likely take years.

    I decided to take matters into my own hands and after some extensive research, settled on Mr Gordon as the prime surgeon to sort my feet out. I contacted his secretary Helen, who was absolutely fantastic and I was booked in for a consultation within the week.

    Mr Gordon was professional, friendly and sympathetic towards me and my awful feet and assured me that I was a good candidate for keyhole surgery. With the help of Helen, I was booked in for bilateral surgery with in a couple of weeks and had plenty of information of what was going to happen. The surgery was carried out at Spire Bushey and I was very impressed with the hospital and the care I was given by the surgical and nursing team. I went in for my operation at 9am and woke up a couple of hours later in no pain at all, just feeling groggy from the general anaesthetic. I spent most of the afternoon coming round and was looked after by a team of fabulous hospital staff whose care and attention was second to none. At about 4 pm in the afternoon, after a session with the physio, I was able to walk on crutches. Both feet were heavily bandaged and I was given a post surgery rehabilitation package, special sandals, crutches and an abundance of painkillers to start taking once the anaesthetic blocks wore off. I had a 4 hour journey home in the back of my parents car, wrapped in a duvet with my feet elevated as instructed and then I was fortunate enough to spend a week at my wonderful parents home being waited on hand and foot. I then returned home where I live alone. I was able to manage fine at home and followed the post operative instructions to the letter. Although a little tender when weight bearing, my feet were completely pain free from the moment the anaesthetic blocks wore off and I didn't need to take the strong pain killers that I was prescribed.

    I had the bandages off two weeks after the op and was really surprised at the amazing transformation of my feet and the minimal marks on my feet from the surgery. I took the full six weeks off work as I had a bilateral procedure and I felt that I wanted to give my feet the best post op recovery that I could. I was in trainers a month post op and able to walk normally at that point with no pain. I had all my normal range of mobility back at this point too.

    When the first post op X-rays were taken, I was astonished at the size of the screws in my feet and to this day I still can't believe they are in there! Progress after I went back to work has been rapid, I went on my first mountain bike ride 8 weeks post op and did my first intensity training session 12 weeks post op. From there, I went from strength to strength and now, six months post op, I am routinely running 5 miles at a time, going mountain biking 30 miles plus at a time and spending all day on my feet shopping with my mum. I plan to do the half Tough Mudder challenge in August! I have full mobility and flexibility in my feet and toes and can wear 4 inch heels with no problem at all. I now have no joint pain in my feet whatsoever where as preoperatively, my joints would ache severely after any form of exertion or wearing heeled footwear. I am no longer self conscious of my feet as they look normal and a whole new world of footwear has opened up to me as my feet are now a normal shape. I have noticed I walk with a better posture now and I no longer suffer hard skin on the side of my big toes or balls of my feet. The only evidence of my op is a couple of tiny scars on my feet and these are continuing to fade.

    I can't express how pleased I am with the outcome of my surgery and have to say it's been a lot of money for me but worth every penny as it's made such a difference to my life, health and well being. I would absolutely recommend Mr Gordon and his administrative team along with all the staff at Spire Bushey who were just fantastic. Last but not least, I express my great thanks and gratitude to my amazing parents as I couldn't have done the travelling and recovery downtime without them.

    Miss, R W, Wales, May 2017

  • My feet had troubled me for so many years that I had grown accustomed to making accommodations. Both feet had developed severe deformities, big toes slanting by +60 degrees with hammer toes on both second and third toes. The effect of this was painful joints, corns, ugly, hard calloused skin on tops of toes and balls of feet, and a complete inability to wear any style of shoe, even slip on 'pump' style shoes. I was limited to wearing either flat soled, wide fitting boots or (ghastly) 'crocs'. It was physically impossible for me to wear a pair of flip-flops. I eventually realised that, in fact, I could no longer function, I could not wear a pair of shoes appropriate for a professional work environment, I literally could not walk in a pair of flats without my toes being 'shredded' and the corns causing excruciating pain. Needless to say high heels were out of the question. All my trainers and boots were quickly ruined with big unsightly bulges developing to accommodate my huge bunions.

    Being unable to wear shoes also meant that I could never wear a dress or skirt (as I couldn't wear with boots), so I could never enjoy 'dressing-up' for social or work occasions, or ever feel 'feminine'. This was really embarrassing at times, it affected my confidence as I often felt 'under-dressed', unprofessional and consequently demoralised.

    I eventually decided enough was enough, the tipping point was going for an interview and being unable to walk from the reception area to the lift in a pair of flat pump shoes without limping, despite having covered my toes in blister plasters.

    I searched on google to find a private surgeon who specialised in key-hole bunion surgery. I was impressed with Mr Gordon's website and the testimonials. When I met Mr Gordon at Harpenden Spire, I immediatly felt relief! I was confident that he would be able to help me. Mr Gordon took time and effort to listen to me, explain the procedure, understand what outcome I wanted and what was possible given my level of deformity (exacerbated by underlying hyper mobility).

    Following my first consultation with Mr Gordon I booked the surgery. Mr Gordon's executive assistant Helen was tremendously helpful and accommodating. I had to have two separate 2.5 hour operations and Helen managed to slot me in for my first surgery, just a couple of weeks after my initial consultation, at Spire Bushey, followed by my second surgery at Spire Harpenden 2 weeks later.

    I can honestly say that the level of care at both Harpenden and Bushey was fabulous, the hospital facilities, the nursing staff, the food, absolutely everything was professional, attentive, relaxing and comforting.

    The surgery was exactly as had been explained. The foot is numbed so when I woke from the general anaesthetic there was no pain at all. My first thought was literally elation … although bandaged my foot was obviously straight!!!!! Unbelievable!!! I was discharged the same day, the pain medication provided was effective and together with ice packs and elevation I had no issues at all with pain management. I could move about fairly freely using the surgical shoe and once confident I didn't need crutches after day 2.

    The post operative instructions were very clear, thorough and reasonable. I followed them easily and made sure I practiced them every day as per the requirements.

    When the bandages came off Mr Gordon applied splints to bring the toes into the correct alignment. These were soft and comfortable.

    8 weeks after the operation my feet were totally perfect and the pain was pretty much gone, I didn't need to take any pain relief but made sure I continued with the post operative instructions for exercises, elevation and ice-packs. Not only were my feet straight but Mr Gordon had also removed all the unsightly hard skin / corns on my toes which have now healed and look lovely (no scarring). In addition, the persistent corn under my toe nail and the hard skin on the balls of my feet has disappeared! The skin is smooth and soft... naturally.

    It is now 4 months since the first operation. I can honestly say it has changed my life. I feel blessed!! I am a normal person with normal feet and can wear normal shoes. I now have a full wardrobe of dresses, pretty shoes and of course matching handbags... I don't just feel like a new woman, I am one!!!! I just can't wait for summer and being able to wear flip-flops!!

    I just cannot recommend this surgery highly enough. The minimally invasive, key-hole surgery which Mr Gordon practices with extraordinary skill is amazing. Without this procedure, and Mr Gordon's expertise, the deformity I had would have been treated by fusing the joints of my big toes and I would not have had any movement. Instead I have full movement and minimal (practically no) scarring. My feet look so pretty!!

    I commute to London and walk to work every day, I have no pain, only occasional swelling (as advised) after a long day but a paracetamol or ibuprofen is sufficient.

    I just can't honestly believe that in only 4 short months I have been completely cured of a really inhibiting disability. It feels like a miracle. This has changed my life in so many positive ways, mentally and physically … I am so thankful to Mr Gordon! Thank you!!!

    Mrs C A, Berkhamsted Herts, May 2017

  • As I am quite an active lady who loves the outdoors my life was becoming unbearable.

    I enjoy walking, but my main hobby is running, and I mean running, not jogging... there is a big difference!

    Having quite a large lump on the side of my right big toe and numerous corns on my toes and the bottom of my foot, all my activities were becoming very unpleasant, even shopping was not enjoyable anymore!

    The only footwear that I could wear comfortably were trainers and flat boots, no sandals or open toed shoes as I was embarrassed of the appearance of how my toes/foot looked, keeping it covered was the best option.

    After many years of this, sometimes excruciating pain I had to seek help. After attending an evening discussion with Mr. Gordon at Spire Harpenden this prompted me to make the decision to go back and see Mr. Gordon about my painful feet. As it turns out, the best decision I have made in years!

    Mr. Gordon agreed to perform a "revision right hallux correction (minimally invasive) procedure" on my right foot, I was a little apprehensive as this would be the third procedure on my right foot ( the first two NOT performed by Mr. Gordon).

    My worries were unfounded as right from the start Mr. Gordon made me feel at ease with his understanding and concern.

    The day of the procedure went very smoothly and I was home that evening. I was given exercises to do starting 3 days after the procedure which I did struggle with to start and seven weeks after my procedure I was referred to Spire Harpenden Physiotherapy, which really helped.

    6 months later, I am now back running and walking and shopping with no pain and looking forward to buying a decent pair of sandals for the summer!

    As I have already said the best decision I have made in years. I can't thank Mr Gordon enough for agreeing to put right my toes/foot, this has transformed my life more than you could ever know. I now have a normal looking foot, the first time in years! Thank you so much.

    Mrs L W, Hatfield Herts, May 2017

  • I had been toying with bunion surgery for a while – both my mother and grandmother suffered from severe bunions and subsequent deformity on both feet during their lives… and I had come to the point where any type of fashionable shoe became uncomfortable and more often than not totally unbearable after any length of time wearing it! I had increased my shoe size to accommodate the bunion (which did help a little) but I still found that there was discomfort/swelling/redness to my left foot and decided that at 43 I was too young to spend the rest of my life in pain and in flat shoes!!

    As such I did some 'google' research into the options available for bunion surgery in hope of finding a relatively quick solution as I had always heard dreadful stories about the pain of bunion surgery and the extended recovery period post-surgery. I soon came across David's website and was amazed to see the video of the minimally invasive surgery. I knew instantly this was the option that best suited me. I also felt some relief knowing that surgery need not mean months off work after all! So without hesitation, I asked my GP for a referral.

    David was extremely personable when I met him, he explained everything about the procedure in detail and gave me reassurance that I was in safe hands. Since my procedure and during my recovery David has been very caring and utterly professional… it is evident that he is passionate about his work and that the wellbeing of his patient is paramount. As someone who has worked in a clinical environment for a number of years amongst GPs/surgeons/consultants etc, I can honestly say that meeting David has made refreshing change – despite his experience, qualifications and expertise in his field he is someone who Is totally 'down to earth' being both capable and comfortable with communicating with his patients 'on a level'…. and for this I have the utmost respect for him. It is an added bonus that I am now the proud owner of a lovely straight left foot and am very much looking forward to wearing my heels again!

    I couldn't sign off this testimonial without also giving a mention to Helen, David's PA, who is very pleasant on the phone, helpful and accommodating.

    I wish David every success for the future in what I firmly believe will be a highly rewarding and distinguished career.

    Mrs A J Clarke, Lancashire, Oct 2016

  • I have had flat feet from birth, American. Starting in my early teens, I became very active in sports. My main limitation was being unable to run and finding the right trainers. As I moved into my twenties and thirties, my interest in exercise increased and I became certified in several group fitness programs, focusing mainly on spinning/indoor cycling. In my early forties, when I was based in Philadelphia I went to an orthopaedic surgeon, though not having huge issues with foot discomfort, he urged me to have them corrected. There were bunions developing on both feet. As I moved into my fifties, the discomfort increased (calluses and bunions) and it became increasing difficult to find comfortable shoes, mainly dress shoes. Over the last two years the discomfort increased considerably until I finally decided to see an orthopaedic surgeon (have been based in London for many years). I narrowed my search to Mr David Gordon.

    I had my treatment for both feet, minimally invasive, last year on December 1st, 2015. I was very anxious leading up to the day, though have to say Mr Gordon (and his assistant Helen) were both brilliant setting my fears aside. I was also concerned it would significantly impact my exercise program and the 5 classes I teach. The surgery was intense, though I was treated excellently. Mr Gordon was very clear as to what I could/couldn't do for the next few weeks, plus his website was extremely helpful. It's now January 11th, 2016. I am off crutches and surgical boots. While the feet are still swollen, they look completely different, and bunions completely gone. Last week Mr Gordon showed me my x-rays, before and after. I was totally amazed. The bone structure completely changed (with the pins perfectly in place). While I still have a way to go, I am back wearing trainers and dress shoes, with little to no discomfort (any discomfort primarily due to the swelling).

    I am so happy I have had this done, for too long I was living/walking with pain that could be corrected. I do regret not having it done earlier, ie in Philadelphia, but thankful that I selected Mr Gordon in London to make the correction.

    On a final note, everyone at The London Clinic was amazing and treated me so well, all levels of service.

    Mr T G, London, January 2016

  • I have been lucky enough to see Mr Gordon in relation to two separate conditions; a foot fracture and minimally invasive bunion surgery.

    He immediately makes you feel at ease at the initial consultation and discusses treatment options in easy to understand terms. He also makes you feel as though you are his only patient when in reality there is a queue of people in the waiting area.

    As a patient you want a Dr and surgeon who you trust, is very skilled at their craft and makes you feel calm and relaxed. Mr Gordon ticks all of these boxes and is clearly very passionate about his work.

    He is supported by Helen Sellers his P.A, who is very professional and nothing is too much trouble to organise.

    I would not hesitate to see him again in future and would recommend his expertise to others.

    Miss V W, Carshalton, Surrey, November 2015

  • I have been lucky enough to see Mr Gordon in relation to two separate conditions; a foot fracture and minimally invasive bunion surgery.

    He immediately makes you feel at ease at the initial consultation and discusses treatment options in easy to understand terms. He also makes you feel as though you are his only patient when in reality there is a queue of people in the waiting area.

    As a patient you want a Dr and surgeon who you trust, is very skilled at their craft and makes you feel calm and relaxed. Mr Gordon ticks all of these boxes and is clearly very passionate about his work.

    He is supported by Helen Sellers his P.A, who is very professional and nothing is too much trouble to organise.

    I would not hesitate to see him again in future and would recommend his expertise to others.

    Miss V W, Carshalton, Surrey, November 2015

  • Having suffered from bunions on both feet since my teens, I finally summoned up the courage to do something about them at the age of 55! They were becoming more and more painful (and ugly) and I was beginning to get back ache from not walking correctly. After some research, I felt minimally invasive keyhole surgery was the way forward and, due to his particular interest in this type of procedure, Mr Gordon was recommended by my physiotherapist.

    I really should have taken the plunge years ago instead of putting up with my painful and embarrassing bunions. I am now 6 months post-op and my feet look wonderful with their lovely straight big toes. The scars are fading and most of the swelling has gone down. I have good movement and am back to walking and exercising. The rehabilitation exercises are comprehensive – but crucial to follow in order to get a good recovery and outcome. I am not going to say all this was pain free – particularly in the first couple of months – but it has definitely been worth it.Shoe shops will no longer be places to dread!

    I am delighted with the results of Mr Gordon's expertise and with all the care I have received over the past 6 months. His calm and confident manner immediately puts you at ease – even when he says it would be better to have both feet done at the same time!! His sense of humour also helps! Everything to do with the procedure was explained in a straightforward and reassuring way and I immediately felt I was in good hands. So for anyone contemplating bunion surgery, I cannot recommend Mr Gordon highly enough.

    Mrs J.P., Welwyn Garden City November 2015

  • I'm a 30 year old Aussie living in Vienna who just had hallux surgery in Austria (performed using scarf method) and despite having paid a high premium for private services, I feel the doctor [not Mr Gordon] has totally disregarded the need for proper after care instructions.

    I just want to say thank you Mr Gordon, for the wonderful PDF guide on your website which is the most descriptive, easy-to- follow guide that I have found online. I can't express enough how grateful I am to have access to this – the surgeons here [in Austria] do so many procedures that one hallux op seems to mean nothing to them. I still have one foot to go, so maybe I'll come to London!

    Ms R D, Vienna, November 2015

  • I had a painful bunion on my right foot, I thought about surgery but was a bit scared about the whole shaving of the bone idea! After putting it off for a while eventually I plucked up the courage to investigate further.

    I had health cover through work and found Mr Gordon, he was my first choice as he doesn't shave the bone but performs minimal invasive surgery. how he performed the surgery sounded a lot more appealing!

    I had great consultations before surgery which put my mind at ease as I was very nervous for the surgery itself. I had great support from the nurses on the day of the surgery & even though I was worrying about going under for the surgery I was reassured by everyone including Mr Gordon that all will be fine.

    Post surgery I did have some pain but after a few days that went & I got to work on exercising my foot by following the post op care guide which is needed to start getting movement back in the foot. All went well and I did have swelling for a few months but was again reassured that it was normal.

    6 months on & all is good, I no longer have pain in my foot, the swelling has gone down & my scars are pretty much non existent, fabulous!

    Everyone I dealt with was fantastic, Mr Gordons surgery was amazing & if the bunion on my left foot starts to cause pain I know I can come back & will have nothing to worry about, all I can expect it great results & great care. Thank you.

    Miss F S, Watford, Hertfordshire. Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, October 2015

  • Before my operation I would get pain in my feet if I was to walk a long distance and running was also painful. I found it difficult to sleep on my sides because of the pressure from my bed on the sides of my feet. Mr Gordon was very kind, he explained the whole procedure to me making sure I was happy with everything. On the day of my operation I was very scared but Mr Gordon came to see me before hand and helped by putting my worries at ease. I'm very happy with the final outcome of the operation, I love my feet now and enjoy walking and running.

    Mr M D, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, October 2015

  • After complaining about pain in my foot,due to arthritis in the toe & bunions, for a number of years & finding it harder to find any nice shoes that fitted, I finally decided to do something about it. The result has been great! Minimally invasive surgery has meant I was back out running & my foot pain free in a few months. Those shoes relegated to the bottom of the wardrobe can now see the light again.

    Mrs S B, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, March 2015

  • Having thought and talked about surgical correction of a bunion for some time, I finally went ahead with the operation. Two months later I have minimal swelling, a lovely straight toe and I am walking and exercising normally, (having religiously followed the recuperation advice from Mr Gordon). I have no hesitation in recommending the surgical procedure nor Mr Gordon, a very skilled and professional surgeon.

  • During my 40's my bunion started to interfere with sports and I found it increasingly difficult to find shoes to fit.I had my surgery with Mr Gordon on 3rd November and was back on the tennis court by the end of December! Today 3/4 months post surgery I am delighted. I have no pain, no swelling and am able to wear all types of shoes including high heels! I recommend Mr Gordon and minimally invasive key hole surgery to anyone thinking about having a bunion corrected. You will be delighted.

    Mr G E, St Albans, Hertfordshire, Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, March 2015

  • On 11th November 2014, I arrived at the Spire hospital in Harpenden to have my bunion (Hallux Valgus) surgery.

    From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I felt safe and that I was in good hands. Mr Gordon has a calm, confident and reassuring bedside manner. His team were equally professional and I felt relaxed and well cared for throughout the procedure.

    I cannot remember a time when I did not having bunions but they had never stopped me from living a very active and normal family life. That is until 2013, when I began to find some activities were becoming harder and more uncomfortable – such as yoga, running and wearing shoes with higher heals – and even sleeping.

    At first, I adjusted my life to suit my bunions. I stopped weight bearing on my big toes and always slept with my feet outside of the duvet – to avoid the weight of the bedclothes pressing on my bunions. My bunions had become very red and sore – on holiday I hid my feet in the sand because they looked so tender and I didn't want to draw people's attention to them. Everywhere I looked I saw other people's perfect feet. But it was pain rather than vanity that drove me to see my GP who then referred me to Mr Gordon.

    I had both bunions removed at the same time. I remember waking up after the surgery and looking down the bed at my straight toes – I felt so happy!

    I left hospital on the day of the operation. I experienced discomfort rather than pain in the following days. This was entirely manageable with the prescribed pain-killers. Mr Gordon gave me clear instructions about post-operative care, rest and exercise. I followed these to the letter. I found that the hardest part about the recovery period was staying in bed for two weeks with my feet elevated – this sounds much easier to do than it proved to be.

    It is now twelve weeks since my operation and I am delighted with the results.

    I still find it hard to believe that the feet I see are actually mine – every morning I look at them and I get a little thrill. And best of all, the pain and soreness I endured for so many years is gone.

    I have started exercising again and I can now enjoy walking the dog – pain free. My only regret is that I didn't have this surgery, years ago.

    I felt completely confident and relaxed in in Mr Gordon's care and I would thoroughly recommend him without hesitation to anyone contemplating bunion surgery.

    Mrs J R, St Albans, Hertfordshire February 2015

  • Last September I had an operation on my left foot which has healed beautifully and I am very pleased with the before and after care.

    I am now looking forward to having my right foot operated on in the near future to be able to go on long walks etc.

    Mrs V S, Bedfordshire January 2015

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Gordon for the exemplary treatment carried out on my left and right bunions.

    As a keen runner I was finding exercise becoming more and more difficult particularly in my left toe joint, bunion guards failed to alleviate rubbing and pain.

    My G.P. referred me to Luton and Dunstable Hospital, where the consultation with Mr. Gordon explored non surgical procedures but we decided surgery to be the only answer details of which were thoroughly explained. Between us it was decided that operating on both feet at the same time was the best solution in my case, it made perfect sense as recovery time would be approximately 3 months for both feet or 2 x 3 if operated on separately.

    Surgery was scheduled for early October at the Luton and Dunstable, where I found all staff to be excellent. I was discharged the same day feet heavily bandaged and in surgical boots with clear and concise post operative rehabilitation protocol, which I followed religiously and believe it aided my timely recovery, pain and swelling was minimal.

    Within 4 weeks I returned to yoga and non weight bearing cardio exercise. Mid January I was back in running shoes building kilometres incrementally and am now back to my normal running regime.

    Regular outpatient visits confirmed all was going well.

    I would highly recommend Mr. Gordon whom I consider an excellent surgeon with great people skills and wish him much continued success.

    Mrs L C, St Albans, Hertfordshire Bunion Surgery March 2014

  • I looked into having this surgery for a second time when my foot became terribly sore in shoes, I knew I had to have something done. The first time I decided against it as the post op period was going to be difficult, but when a couple of years on, the pain was worse, and the bunion and distorted toes even more uncomfortable, I thought I had better re-think. I was fortunate enough to find and meet David Gordon. From the first appointment he instilled a calm and uba professional approach to the whole proceedings. He explained clearly the procedure, and exactly what he needed to do and exactly what I should expect afterwards. I had no hesitation in agreeing to proceed this time around, he made me feel I was in a very safe pair of hands.

    And I was!! It's now 6 weeks after the operation, the pin which had to remain in one of my toes has been taken out (and it didn't hurt one little bit!!). The scars on my foot can hardly be seen already and I am at last free to exercise, drive and even in a little while wear the Jimmy Choos' for my company Christmas party this year!

    I cannot recommend David Gordon enough – he has a great bedside manner which when you are nervous is worth it's weight in gold. He made me feel cared for and well looked after. The op went well but he wasn't happy about the circulation in one of the toes – so much so that he personally sent me a text the day after the op and asked if I would mind popping back to the hospital to see him as he wanted peace of mind that everything was on track. He needn't have worried, it was all healing nicely, but the fact is, it was on his mind and he couldn't forget about it until he knew for sure all was well. Now that to me is a man behind the consultant who actually cares about what he does and always wants to get it right for his patients. A really winning combination and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needed any of the surgeries he specialises in.

    They do say behind every man is a good woman – this scenario is no exception. Helen Sellars is Mr Gordon's PA and she is fantastic. I e mailed her countless times with questions and she always responded immediately and helped me through it all tremendously. She was a brilliant support for Mr Gordon, but also for me – a superstar, and very efficient.

    Everyone knows that no surgery should be undertaken without a full awareness of what and why your having an op performed, but once you have made the decision to proceed, I would urge you to contact Helen, arrange to meet Mr Gordon and put yourself in his very capable hands. You won't regret it. Absolutely sound guy, great support and brilliant at what he does.

    Mrs L O, Hillingdon, Uxbridge Bunion Surgery October 2013

  • I was lucky enough to be referred to Mr Gordon on the NHS at the Luton and Dunstable hospital re my painful bunion which were rubbing on even the softest shoes and stopping me walking far.

    Despite Mr Gordon's youthful appearance it was clear from the outset he was an expert in his field. He has a superb manner which makes him approachable and one feel that no question or concern is too trivial and yet promotes confidence and authority.

    I researched his credentials ,as is my way, and was thrilled to see how qualified he is, although it his his manner that sets him apart.

    On the day of my operation which was originally just for my bunion I pointed out my hammer toe and Mr Gordon agreed to sort that too- common sense and saving the nhs time with another referral/ operation time at a later date. My operation went smoothly and recovery was exactly as Mr Gordon said.

    Seeing one of his team at out patients after the operation made me realise how comfortable Mr Gordon makes one feel as despite their obvious knowledge, their bedside manner was much more officious and felt very impersonal. Mr Gordon came in at the end and pointed out what should have been done- if everyone mirrored his approach the NHS would be in a far better place, in my opinion.

    I have good flexibility in my big toe, neat scarring and no pain!

    Following problems with foot surgery carried out elsewhere my mother sought a referral to Mr Gordon who made her confident that her foot could be fixed despite her previous difficult experience. No mean feat. He was completely sympathetic regarding her fears and never impatient.

    I do not hesitate to recommend Mr Gordon. I shall certainly track him down when my other foot's bunion develops!

    Leighton buzzard Bunion surgery June 2013

  • Mr. Gordon spent time in explaining in fine detail the procedure and risks involved in operating and gave me time to decide whether to go ahead or not.

    On the second consultation in July 2013 I decided to have the operation, which was arranged and carried out on 30 August 2013. I went home with both feet in bandages and surgical shoes and was able to put my feet to the ground and walk, although I did have to follow "Post Operative Rehabilitation Protocol" and strictly elevate my feet as much as possible. This I found extremely helpful. Throughout the procedure my general welfare was adequately monitored and assisted.

    I was very pleased that the operation went successfully and once the swelling has settled I will be in normal shoes again.

    May I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Gordon and his team for their outstanding professionalism throughout and for all the first class care they have given me in Luton & Dunstable Hospital and to highly recommend Mr. Gordon to any persons considering similar treatment.

    Mrs FS Bunion Surgery August 2013

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