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How Can You Prevent Bunion Surgery?

How Can You Prevent Bunion Surgery?
How Can You Prevent Bunion Surgery?

One of the commonest questions bunion sufferers ask is how they can prevent bunion surgery.

Bunions are a progressive condition which worsen over time, and there is no device or exercise that can halt or reverse this progression.

If you have no discomfort or pain, then you do not need to do anything.

If you have symptoms, there are a number of non-surgical options that I recommend patients try before embarking on bunion surgery:

  1. Modify or change your footwear - the most important thing to do. A soft, wider shoe, without a heel, which accommodates the foot well. Shoe stretchers may increase the shoe width to accommodate the bunion
  2. Try Bunion Pads - often made from silicon rubber, these protect the prominent area from rubbing
  3. Silicon Spacers - these can prevent toes rubbing if placed between the first and second toes.

If non-surgical options fail to resolve symptoms, then surgery can be considered.

Indeed, none of these options may be practical depending on what you do for a living and the activities you enjoy. There may come a point when you cannot find footwear to suit your working and/or lifestyle choices.

If you have continued pain or discomfort on the side of the foot despite a change in footwear appropriate for your lifestyle, then you can consider surgery.

If you are considering surgery, and would like to book an initial consultation via Zoom or at one of my clinics in London or Hertfordshire, please get in touch.