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Can I have bunions on both feet operated on at the same time?

Can I have bunions on both feet operated on at the same time?
Can I have bunions on both feet operated on at the same time?

I am often asked whether bunions on both feet can be operated on at the same time.

The answer is yes, most patients who have bunions on both feet can have what is known as 'bilateral' surgery whereby both feet are corrected on the same day. In fact, 25% of the bunion surgery I perform is on two feet, at the same time.

This optionallows for only one episode of surgery and simultaneous recovery of each foot, which can certainly be more convenient than two separate operations with two separate recovery periods. There is no additional pain associated with bilateral surgery andthis option is generally tolerated very well as full weight bearing is allowed immediately after surgery on both feet, and crutches are not normally required.

Bilateral surgery is a personal decision and not for everyone.There are a few instances where it would not be advisable to correct both feet at the same time and this tends to be in more complicated deformities, if you are in an older age group, or if there is an element of weakened bone, such as in osteoporosis. In such cases, it may be safer to 'stage' the second bunion surgery between 2 and 6 weeks after the first. 

I am also often asked, where there is one very symptomatic bunion and the other foot has a less symptomatic bunion, whether it would be worth doing both feet at the same time. Again, this is a personal choice. Given bunions do not go away and will progress over time, it is not unreasonable to consider surgery on the lesser symptomatic foot at the same time, avoiding the need for a second episode of surgery and recovery. 

Bilateral surgery is a common procedure and the outcomes are equally as good, as if you had staged procedures.

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